Does marijuana calm or stimulate nervous system

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ErikR, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. ErikR

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    Alot of guys i roll with in bjj smoke weed before bed. They say ot helps them sleep. Anybody know if its a stimulant or depressant
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  2. NorthMich

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    Neither. In general (discounting heavy abuse), it tends to temper extreme swings in things. Glycemic response, blood pressure, mood swings - all get tempered a bit, and this can be healthy.

    A lot of this depends on the strain. You're balancing THC and CBD High THC can be edgy and racy. Too much CBD and you're sleepy. I tend toward a higher THC to CBD ratio during the day. Hit a higher CBD ratio at night.
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  3. Morefyah

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    It’s definitely not a depressant! Sativa strains are stimulants and indica strains give more of a body high and and help with sleep. Almost all modern day strains are created from cross genetics.
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  4. NorthMich

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    ^^^^ What he said ^^^
  5. Thaistick

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    THC is actually a mild hallucinogen. The stimulant/sedative effect depends on the strain and the individual's reaction.
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  6. NorthMich

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    ^^^what he said, too^^^

  7. jaymaximus

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    Marijuana is classified as a hallucinogen. It depends on the strain, thc levels, and person as to how it affects you. I smoke a good Indica and sleep like a drug induced baby
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  9. Back when i used to smoke, i could never fall asleep while high. Long ass time ago. Haven't tried lately though. Just don't like how it makes me feel anymore.

    Now i get high on life and G O D. :D
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  10. Good old fashioned propaganda. Love it!
  11. valuum

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    I smoke every day and I don't get tired from it anymore. It does affect your sleep though I imagine if I didn't smoke I'd have a hard time falling asleep.
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  12. ErikR

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    My whole issue is that i cant sleep after bjj class. Im wired and i cant fall asleep. I have to be up early and its really hurting my recovery since i weight train as well . Its like having trensomnia. My nervous system is amped up. Some guys smoke and says it helps them.
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  13. TideGear

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    I'm the same way. If I smoke before bed my mind will run and keep me up. Sometimes it makes me antisocial and sometimes it relaxes me. I think it depends on the amount I smoke and the strain. OG Kush is the exception. That shit made me cooler than the other side of the pillow. I would love to find some more
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  14. TRT

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    I smoked recently after not smoking for 12 years and holy shit was I fucked up. Won't do that again.
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  15. Big_paul

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    Sativa is an energetic high, and indica is used for couch lock.
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  16. NorthMich

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    And there's a blended spectrum of hybrids in between. With known effects. Pick a few and try is the only way. If you need help, call me.
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