Does taking a Zinc Supplement help with libido?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by mrmorris, Oct 19, 2010.

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    mrmorris Member

    I have heard not only here but other people too that taking a zinc supplement can help with libido along with other health benefits as well.
    What would be a good dose to take?

    Thanks in advance, mrmorris!:)
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    sade Banned

    It does nothing for my libido but it does give me strong morning wood. It also lowers E2. 50-60 mg is a good dose.

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    saru Member

    Typical dosage is between 25mg/d to 50mg/day.

    A simple test to identify the appropriate dosage is to hold a 10ml solution (with water base) of Zinc sulphate septahydrate in the mouth for 10 seconds.

    1. If a strong unpleasant taste is noted immediately: No need to add (additional dosage of) zinc supplements
    2. If a definite unpleasant taste is noted immediately and it tends to intensify with time: Supplement with 10~15mg/d zinc
    3. No immediate taste is noted but after some time, a mildly unpleasant taste is noted: Supplement with 20~30mg/d zinc
    4. No specific taste is noted: Supplement with 30~50mg/d zinc

    Also, it is a good idea to take a bit of copper while supplementing with Zinc (zinc lowers copper). However, one needs to be careful with copper as losing the Copper balance can be a bitch.
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    mrmorris Member

    Really, interesting thanks alot for tell me this, it will help me out a ton!!!!!!
    So your saying it lowers E2. When you take 50-60mg daily?

    Thanks, mrmorris!

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    sade Banned

    Yep, it lowers E2 at that dose.
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    james2012 Member

    Morris, I don't know. My DO has me on ZMA that has 30mg of Zinc when I take three capsules. Does it help with libido? Hard to tell. Does it lower E2 - I have only seen anecdotal evidence is lowers E2 and then only by a small amount when taken at higher (and unrecommended in my opinion) doses of 100mg. The ZMA concoction is supposed to be the best absorbed and best ratio of Zinc and Magnesium. I can tell you this for sure: it does help with sleep and acts as a mild muscle relaxer. I don't know why and just took my DO's word for it. Good sleep alone can account for some of the positive effects on libido. Good sleep lowers stress levels as well so I can see it assisting in other ways.
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    mrmorris Member

    Cool thats some good info saru. I will give that a shot. Thanks for all your help



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