Does Testim really expire?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by RoadrunnerJohn, Oct 16, 2009.

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    RoadrunnerJohn Junior Member

    Hi Guys! I need some advice. Six years ago I was prescribed Testim. My insurance provided a 3-month supply with an expiration date of 8-2004. Within a week or two my doctor switched me to delatestryl injections. I kept the Testim. Recently another doctor switched me back to Testim. He gave me a two-week supply and I feel more energy than I've felt in years. The stuff is really working this time around! The problem is my insurance is haggling over the coverage (my free testosterone is 4.5 with a normal range of 7.9-24, and my gen testosterone is 239). So, I have two boxes left of Testim, five years passed expiration. I called the pharmacy and they said NOT to use it. That's what I would expect them to say as they want $300 per box for new. I can't find anything on the Internet about it, so I thought I would ask in this forum.

    Thanks in advance! John
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    clysmaniac Junior Member

    I can't give you any real advise on using out of date Testim. But my urologist gave me a prescription for two tubes a day or two boxes a month that was completely covered by insurance. We were playing around with my dosage to get it where I was happy with it. I've got 7 boxes sitting around now which is over a 2 year supply at the dose I settled on (1/2 tube every other day). Most have an expiration date of mid to late 2010 so I am anticipating using them in an expired condition. Its not like taking a medicine internally. What's the risk here? That it won't be quite as strong as new stuff? If it doesn't work as well as new stuff, I can always increase my dose. My case is probably unusual in that I am happy with some testosterone but way less than even the low end of the normal range.
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    biceps72 Member

    i doubt it would go bad given it was stored in room temperature
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    RoadrunnerJohn Junior Member

    Hey Guys, thanks for the feedback. I just filed another request with Blue Cross with a letter from the urologist to pay for the Testim. Until I hear back I'll continue to use the expired gel. Like you mentioned, it's an external application, the only drawback I can see is a decrease in potency.

    Just wondering how you guys feel after using the medication for awhile. My biggest change has been an increase in metabolism and an increase in energy. And, a lowering of the testicles. Mine had started to draw up into the body, but now they are loosening up a bit. Overall, I'm very pleased.

    Thanks again for the posts! John

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