Does testosterone always make you bloat?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by kosp, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. kosp

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    Hey there

    I just got the hype because a local pharmacy here selled me real tamoxifen 60x20mg for 10€, such a deal and peace of mind when it comes to pct :D

    Background of the thread: I am going to use test prop and mast prop, 1ml of each EOD, total 2ml, 400 test 400 mast on even weeks, 300 test 300 mast on odd weeks. 10 weeks.

    Diet is about caloric deficit, I will be taking advantage of the anabolic power of gear and maybe some days ll be applying severe deficit, always protein high. My intentions are to get lean while building muscle, which is possible I don't care what you say.

    Question is:

    Will this dose of test bloat me badly regardless of the deficit and the masteron? I always get that with long ester test at 500 (no AI)

    Many thanks.
  2. Nismo99

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    If you got bloated with your previous test cycles that why would you think you won't get bloated by running test again. Running masteron with test isn't going to reduce the bloat that you were getting with test. Said another way, I have never seen one compound block out the sides you are getting from another compound.
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  3. Human_backhoe

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    testosterone will convert to estrogen. You will hold water. Mast not anywhere near as much. Like it was mentioned above, it will NOT cancel out.
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  4. kosp

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    the last thing I want with this cycle is to get bloated, I wanna feel light, agile and lean

    should I go down the test p dose to 0,5ml EOD? It will make 200mg on even weeks and 150 on odd weeks.
  5. Nismo99

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    I always like to run at least a TRT dose of test...roughly...give or take a little. If it were me in your situation, I would run test at 200mg a week and see if the bloat is gone.
  6. kosp

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    But I got a point: if I keep test p up to 1ml EOD, it will be easier to build some muscle because mast is actually weak in terms of this.
  7. kosp

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    after all, bloating will be gone after cycle, which will be one week after last pin thus short esters, maybe is worth it to bloat some but having more chance of building muscle because of high test.

    You can be lean and bloated, not a big deal?
  8. ManK

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    never, using enough AI
  9. Oldschool

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    Drink more water.
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  10. ManK

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    I will never understand your terror for the AI when they need.....
  11. pfdept59

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    Use a small amount of test and other compounds that don’t aromatise like equipoise.Run 150 mg test and 300 mg equipoise.Same results as 450 mg test with much less water retention
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  12. kosp

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    by now just short esters, it gives me peace of mind to know that in case I need it, all is gone in a few days.

    I am going to use Anavar the last 5 weeks, 30mg ED.
  13. kosp

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    the less shit the better is my steroid use policy. I don´t think I´d need it too bad, everyone gets bloated on test, gyno and libido are fine.
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  14. test>tren

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    I don't bloat at all using test e at 300mg eod (1050mg) with .5 mg adex 2x/wk. It's a very person dependent variable. I've never been above 10% bf, even when natty. Higher body fats increases the rate of aromatization and bloat.
  15. ManK

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    AI are meds:
    meds are shit when don't need, instead are helpful when it need..
    supraphysiological dosages of testosterone cause excess estrogen which may manifest as side effects or not but which in any case are not good in many respects as well as how they are not good if they are too low.
    The proof of what I support is given by the belief that AI worsens the lipid profile: personally I have used them for years also in trt and my lipid profile is perfect: it is not the AI itself that damages it, but it lowers too much estrogen that damages the lipid profile. But if the estrogens are high and with AI you bring them to a "normal" level the lipid profile is intact.
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    TAKESHI Member

    Lol, your already depending on the drugs more then diet and cardio. Since you already know for a fact that your going to gain a heap of muscle and lean out at the same time. Please tell me what you think you’ll get from 200mg of test and 300mg of Mast.
  17. kosp

    kosp Member

    I will be using more of that, about 400-400

    I don't use roids often, last time was one year ago, so it increases receptivity, and I train hard.
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  18. Silentlemon1011

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    Personally, my sweet spot for no AI is 500 Test per week.
    If I were to blast heavy again, then for sure... use AI lol.
    Its not the BEST for you, but wont kill you

    So I just stick to that number.
    I keep them on hand for sure, pop one if needed..

    But I also try to keep the compounds to 1g or under now.
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  19. $BlackBeard

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    I'm looking for possible recommendations to combat water retention I'm experiencing. I'm started my 6th week of 500mg Test Cyp and 500iu hcg. I've gained 23lbs so far eating about 200cal in excess of maintenance. My clothes are getting tight. I know the majority of this is water, however, is there something I could change to reduce the amount of water I'm taking on? I had bloodwork done recently and all is well there. Estrogen is up but that's expected. I am not taking any AIs.

    I am scheduled to start Anavar next week at 40mg/day and am reconsidering for a couple reasons:
    1. I've already seen plenty of strength gains
    2. I am not interested in carrying more water

    Thanks in advance for any rec's.
  20. Oldschool

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    Drink more water