Dog-crap training?

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    Rolemodel i was quoting from above about the diet from another poster.

    Could you explain the stretching a bit further Ill clarify so you can see what i mean. So after each last set the stretch is performed. Ex 2 exercises barbell bench press followed by incline dumbell presses. Is the stretch performed on the 4th set of bench press and then again on the last set of incline dumbell presses. Or just on the last set of that muscle group?

    Same for biceps? Finish up your first exercise which might be standing barbell curls then do the stretch? Then do the next exercise 3 sets on the third set do the bicep stretch again?

    also stretching like this on a pumped muscle would it yield stretch marks?
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    I do it just on my last set and no stretch marks for me.

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    Ok last set of each exercise though? or last set for that muscle group?
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    this is one of the dogg crap traing routines I observed from a different board:

    Incline Smith Machine Press (11-15rp)
    Hammer Strength Shoulder Press (11-20rp)
    Weighted Dips (11-20rp)
    Pull-downs to Front (11-15rp)
    Conventional Deadlift (work up to one heavy ss 6-9)

    Hammer Strength Press (11-15rp)
    Smith Machine Seated Military Press to Front (11-20rp)
    Smith Machine Close Grip Bench Press (11-20rp)
    Rack Chins to Front (11-20rp)
    Hammer Strength Row or T-Bar Row (one heavy ss 10-12)

    Decline Smith Machine Press (11-15rp)
    Smith Machine Seated Military Press to Back (11-20rp)
    EZ-Bar Skull Crushers (15-20rp)
    Hammer Strength Pull-downs (11-15rp)
    Rack Pulls (work up to one heavy ss 6-9)

    Barbell Curls(11-20rp)
    Alternating Hammer Curls (one heavy ss of 10-20)
    Calves on Leg Press (12 reps ss DC method)
    Upright Leg Curls (15-30rp)
    Olympic Squats (one heavy SS 6-10 + widowmaker)

    Alternating DB Curls (11-20rp)
    Alternating Pinwheel Curls (one heavy ss of 10-20)
    Seated Calf Raises (12 reps ss DC method)
    Lying Leg Curls (15-30rp)
    Hack Squat (one heavy SS 6-10 + widowmaker)

    Hammer Strength Curl Machine (11-20rp)
    Reverse Grip One-Arm Cable Curls (one heavy SS 10-20)
    Donkey Calf Raises (12 reps ss DC method)
    Stiff-Leg Deadlifts (one heavy ss of 10-15)
    Leg Press (one heavy SS 6-10 + widowmaker)

    The guy plans to do a monday, wednesday, friday, running these in order, I guess its 2 sets per exercise? IM a bit sceptacle about this. It kind of reminds me of the old Bulgarian routine I got out of the back of a magazine once 10 years ago for $19.99
    I just dont know fellas?
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    The only problem I have with 2 sets is thats not much of a warm up.
    I would do 4-5 sets on your 1st exercise so you get warmed up properly, then 2 sets on all remaining exercises.
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    I don't see what all the fuss is about or how this method has critics?

    This is how we used to train period.

    I'm now 38, been away from the sport since 92-93. I trained in AZ and CA. At that time was when most of the routines accepted now were begun.

    Guys found out through the steroid bible, that red book with the light blue print, that lactic acid plays a major role in building muscle.

    Then the logic was go for the bur, and burn more. Gear will help you grow, but when exercising like that you might as well take up a trade, like brick laying. Constant low-mid weight/high reps.

    A lot of guys were too embarrassed to admit they had the look, and could barely bench 300. But they could grab the 100DBs for 30 reps, so they were strong that way.

    Still what's the point of only looking strong? It's like having one of those Lamboghini's that is really a body kit on a Fiero, or Camaro.

    We always believed when on a cycle you would do things you never thought of to yourself to maximize the effectiveness of the AAS.
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    come on...didnt you read the DC text you posted????

    you only do ONE set of most exercises (except back thickness and quads, and maybe straight leg deadlifts for hams....for these exercises you do 2 low higher rep)

    obviously you do as many warm up sets as you need before you do your one working set. and you only do one exercises per body part.

    the ONE set you do for an exercise (back thickness, quads excluded: you dont use rest pauses on these) consists of a reg set to failure after which you do 2 additional rest pause sets. (total reps between 12-30 reps..depending on exercise and bodypart)


    as for the stretches: you do the stretches after you finished each exercise.

    chest exercise then chest stretch
    shoulder exercise then shoulder stretch
    tricep exercises then tricep stretch
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    Hey Dumb ass, I was responding to someone else's training routine.(his way of doing it.)
    He didn't do the warm ups, DC you do as many warm up sets as you need ya punk ass bitch!
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    that's not a very christian thing to say role!

    couldn't help myself, I know, im an asshole :)
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    You can't help it, thats just the way you are.:)
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    which was one of the things i said. next time you post about a routine, make sure you know what your talking about.
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    Role...That's more like it!
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    good info
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    Hey ROle you still doing DC?
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    This is what the HST (bryan Haycock) said about DC

    DC/Doggcrapp method

    DC's suggestions betray his strength training background. Methods based on fatigue/exhaustion (training to failure and rest/pause stuff) are really methods of increasing strength.

    So in essence, he is shifting the emphasis towards strength gains. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if that is your goal. All you have to do is induce more fatigue, and train less frequently.

    Using a variety of exercise won't protect your tendons from injury. Using the same exercises doesn't increase your risk of injury either. Otherwise all Olympic lifters would be injured all the time. The variety thing is more an influence of BB mags. Although, if boredom is an issue, switch thigns up all your want, just make sure that the muscle is experiencing the same relative tension and demands across different exercises.

    DC (I don't know him personally) is only one of many variations of HST that you will see in teh near future. Especially from more experienced lifters. Why? Because HST is true (so to speak). It isn't based on "tradition", a "style", "Russian secrets", or even an "opinion". HST is based on the way muscles actually grow in response to training. As a result, there will be a gradual yet natural shift of bodybuilding training styles towards HST.
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    I'm 18 yrs old been training for 2 years now. I'm currently 5'7 183lbs I went from 112 wen I started to 160 naturally in 12 months then I did 1 cycle and 160-190 in 10 weeks then lost 7 after that's where I am now but see i've been going moderatly heavy but doing on average 4-5 excercises @ 4-5 sets per for 1 muscle group so let's say 20-25 sets per group am I just all tucked up and stupid ? LOL bci haven't mAde gains in mpnhs after my cycle I actually have lost progress
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    Its a comlete body workout. I also follow this training program.
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    My views on DC training are the same as Lee Priest's so I will just quote him..."The big problem that I have with DC training is that you are supposed to keep using more and more weight or doing more reps with the same weight until you get to the upper limit of whatever rep range you have for that exercise. That's fine for beginners. We all get stronger with pretty much every workout in our first couple of years of lifting. But if you have been training for 10 or 20 years, how much stronger do you think you are really gonna get? Look, there has to be a limit, or else every guy who has been training for that long would be benching 800lbs for reps and squatting over a thousand pounds for sets of 10! A lot of guys who've been training heavy for many years have all sorts of injuries, so if they try to lift even heavier they are just gonna get hurt. Another thing to consider is that nobody feels super strong all the time. Despite life's stresses, the DC method still stipulates that you go into the gym and break your previous records with every workout. You have to listen to your body and train accordingly...not blindly follow some program that demands you to do certain things regardless of what's going on or how you feel that day".
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    I just started dc on monday, and wow I couldn't agree with you more...that stretching i fantastic!
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