DoggCrapp, and Bodybuilding


I’ve been powerlifting 99% of my career and the program I’m running is starting to burn me out. I’ve probably ran this way too long - 8 months and counting. It was great and hit some nice PRs and put on some size. I kept most off my cycle (about a 5-6 pound loss and kept 10lb). PCT just ended for me last week. Starting a new cycle end of Dec. feel like my old self and recovered pretty well. Bloodwork to follow next month.

I’m thinking about switching to some strict Hypertrophy work for the next 3 months to change things up, and possibly continue with CP2 once gyms open up. (I don’t have access to everything needed for CP2 in my home gym). But from some of the samples I’ve read it looks like a great program. And fuck, I’m a John Meadows fan.

As of now, I programmed DoggCrapp (with what I have available to me) and have a question for anyone that has ran it with good results. Are you following a blast and cruise protocol (that’s what he calls his training blocks, I’m not talking about TRT)? I’m thinking of running 6-week blasts with 10-14 day cruise. What do you guys do doing the break/cruise period with this training?

I was thinking a near complete break for the 10-14 days with some extra cardio work.

I’d love to hear how you’ve implemented this, and if this program worked out for ya’ll
I've ran it a few times simply because it's a super fun program. You get to do a ton of different movements, so you can throw in some one-off stuff that you wouldn't otherwise do (here's to you, high-rep inverted rows).

I did the cruises every 6 weeks as prescribed and just used the cruise period to go in and do conditioning work, sled pulls and really light pump work -- stuff like that.

I really enjoyed it. Those widowmaker sets with legs, though. Yikes.