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    Hi everyone I am new to this site, heres some information on me.
    I am 27 yrs young, 5'7" (umpa lumpa) lol 210lbs, 6% bodyfat, have been training for 13 years, have competed and won in multiple regional bodybuilding shows and this coming November I will be competiting in the NPC Nationals trying to get down to Middleweight to win my class.
    I have never done a cycle before but now I am willing to test the waters for this show. I have a friend who has orders from Roxi and had great reviews on it as well as Naps but thats a international source. I am wondering if anyone could give some input on some legitimate DOMESTIC sources. I see a lot of the domestic sources on eroids tell you to "waive your id" and use a security question that seems like a scam to me so I wont use those sources. thanks
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    Sworder Member

    Roxi is good use them
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    I agree with Sworder. Roxi is good.
    I just got done using Shorty's. I like them too.
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    Is that all Shorty deals in is Test ? Is he just out of stock of other stuff or is that all he carries?
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    I just looked at the website. I didn't realize the changes they made. Used to it looked more like Roxi's website. Everything on the featured section is what they used to have (I still have their product list saved) but I noticed Bold wasn't on there. I typed in Bold in the search section and they still have it. I don't know why it wouldn't be listed with the others.
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    Correction..they do have Bold on their site. It is at the bottom. I just overlooked. So yes, everything I see on there is all they carry. They may have more I'm not sure. Thought they was supposed to start carrying some nolva but maybe they haven't started that yet.

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