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Domestic Sources

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by mcgruff40, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. mcgruff40

    mcgruff40 Junior Member

    I have been browsing several different message boards in an attempt to find a legitimate domestic source. What I have found, however, is a lot of mixed reviews in regards to sources, and a lot of scammers. So much controversy with eroids, and I was about to use them. But I have no idea who is legit and who isn't when there are two polar opposite reviews in regards to them lol.

    Anyways, could anyone help me out and list some reputable domestic sources? I keep seeing a lot of inconsistent reviews.
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  2. Code:
    They are on eroids so you can read reviews on them. They are my favorite.

    They, too, are on eroids. Been around a little longer. Though I like Shorty's more, I like Roxi as well.

    Both are U.S. domestic.
  3. Anyone try Apotek? If so is it better then Roxi?
  4. mcgruff40

    mcgruff40 Junior Member

    I can't find any info on either of them besides eroids -_-
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    Either type this in or type them in the search. Or you can go to the Sources link and click the Steroid Sources then type in the name of the source you want to find.
  6. Spartan25

    Spartan25 Junior Member

    AMG is good to go I ordered on thur and got my stuff on Monday! Just did my first shot Monday of test e and mast e so in a couple of weeks I should have some results
  7. DetMuscle

    DetMuscle Junior Member

    I have one Ill share if you want to PM me. Source is open for short period only. They dont advertise. Im deleting this post in 24hrs
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  8. deathdodger

    deathdodger Junior Member

    They are all over you just got to look for them.
  9. DetMuscle

    DetMuscle Junior Member

    Cant delete my post above., Offer void :)

    MANWHORE Member


    O damn, I can't delete it. :(

    AMG, MLG, Mao, Geno, TNT, BioTech, Fast Muscle, Toro

    The list goes on and on and on... Pick one.. anyone you want
    from that list or in this boards UG section and ask questions.

    Don't go for sources that are private and you can't check on.

    If they are private, they are not wanting new customers.
    When they want more customers, they come back out, then
    choose what emails their list goes to, take the customers
    and go back private.

    If someone says they know a great source who is private
    and can not be checked on any board, then tell them to suck it :wank:
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  11. DetMuscle

    DetMuscle Junior Member

    Little whinny bitch

    MANWHORE Member

    Was that for me?
  13. Can someone PM me AMGs email or contact info. Thanks
  14. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    Could you please let me know when you're going to bless us with another morsal Mr. Silly Face? I'd like to get in to your club....The Mr. Silly Face Club...Yay!
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    MANWHORE Member

    I was wondering what that pose was called
    but then I realized, he is just covering his flabby boobies
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  16. Xphi

    Xphi Junior Member

    same here, if possible. I know i have a low post count, but i'm really just looking for good sources. But if people don't trust me because of the low post count, i understand. and i'll ask again and a later point.
  17. As for domestic sources I just put in an order at bodysynthetics, I'll keep ya guys updated.
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  18. bluestrm

    bluestrm Junior Member

    This thread is pretty funny. Hell, most of them in this section are.
    Sucks to be new to this at this day and time.

    Newbs...if someone is telling you to p.m. them for a source (open, closed, private, whatever) don't bother. You're about to be scammed.
  19. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    You might want to consider expanding your search to "international" suppliers also since neither have been proven more or less legitimate, IMO.
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  20. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Hmm, Mcgruff I've never seen as many newbie posts on a single thread offering guidance previously. Listen to those whom have been around a while (MW, BB ) at least 100 posts or you will be scammed by those attempting to "befriend" you.
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