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  1. MESO-Rx Administrator

    MESO-Rx Administrator Administrator

    We have received many requests for us to accept donations. After careful consideration, we want to announce that, effectively immediately, MESO-Rx is accepting Bitcoin donations. Your donations will be used to help support MESO-Rx's ongoing mission of providing high-quality anabolic steroid information to readers around the world.

    If you like the job we're doing, please consider a donation to MESO-Rx.

    Send donations to:


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  2. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

    Very nice...
  3. mercury

    mercury Member

    The page for donation does not work; I would not mind a few coins just for the speech free uncensored board where people are not banned for posting lab results and going hard on those trying to sell bunk gear.

    On other boards you get banned right away for this. For the same reason this is the only place I would click on banner and give business to sponsors.
  4. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    It is a clickable Bitcoin URI. It will open your external bitcoin client for payment unless you have enable an online wallet such as Coinbase as your default bitcoin payment URL handler.
  5. MESO-Rx Administrator

    MESO-Rx Administrator Administrator

    Thank you to the person who made the anonymous Bitcoin donation yesterday!
  6. Hungry1

    Hungry1 Junior Member

    I'm still trying to learn the whole bitcoin procedure. Plan to make a donation as well.
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  7. Kubrick

    Kubrick Member

    Interesting...Let me figure out how to use BitCoins and I'll donate. This is the best AAS site on the web. I'd love to help out.
  8. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

    Be careful with bitcoins, I watch closely and it's not looking so good
  9. illuminatty

    illuminatty Member

    I would donate
  10. I like the idea of supporting the site and it's definitely a worthy cause. I'm sure this isn't the case but I hope donations don't lead to titles such as Board Supporter or something similar to what many other boards have.

    Also, I saw where Meso offered MESO-Rx T-shirts for sale at one time. Have you considered offering T-shirts again? That would also be a great way for the board to raise funds and I'm sure many members would be very interested in that. I know I would.

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  11. illuminatty

    illuminatty Member

    Great idea cbs I would def rock a meso t shirt!
  12. Colt44

    Colt44 Member

    Put me down for an extra shmedium.
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