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    Hi guys! I posted previously about my BUN levels being high at 31, and egfrAA- 68. I also found out my red blood count was high at 6.81 and hemoglobin is high at 20.0 which I posted bloods.
    My question is would donating blood help with these numbers. From my understanding from reading past messages is replacing blood may help with these numbers. I’ve been on 200 mg of TRT for 4 years or so and have never donated blood. My Dr is willing to work with me but my hope is to keep my TRT where it is and find a way to lower my BuN and red blood cell count. If not he’s going to cut my test doses. Any suggestions would be great! I’m not looking to beat the system but also like the way the test makes me feel.

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    It will lower your rbcs. Not sure about BUN. It may be elevated from how high your hemoglobin is. I believe 19 0r 20 is the cut off to donate at redcross so you'll need a script for a therapeutic phlebotomy. Or if youre feeling up to it do it yourself. I'm in no way recommending this but people do do it.
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    Thanks! Would appreciate any other feedback about others who have experienced high hemoglobin and red blood cell count. Any medications or blood donation experiences to lower those numbers? Anyone who donated blood what were your before and after numbers on red blood count etc? Any info would be ideal before I visit Dr.
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    I take half the dose you take. (100mg) and this puts my red blood (hemocrit) high. Blood banks are only suppose to allow you to donate whole blood every two months but I need to go every month. Which took my doc signing a form.

    A note from my doc when she saw my last labs, "Your hematocrit level is elevated and is a side effect of testosterone replacement. This elevation increases your risk of clotting events, such as stroke. Please plan to donate at any ********** at a frequency of once per month to reduce your level. If you have any questions, please contact the office at ******* "

    Crazy you've been taking 200mg for 4 years under a doc's supervision and he's never told you to donate. Your HCT (hemocrit) says its at 59.2% and doesn't even list that as high. Crazy, my doc considers anything over 49% high and the blood banks won't even allow you to donate if its at 60. Mine was at a 57 my last donation and that had me worried.
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