Done with Coinbase... where else to buy?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by LA_1988, Oct 18, 2018.

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    How you manage to get banned from Cash App? Did they give you a reason? Coinbase it is easy to get banned without warning, and that is usually sending to a flagged bitcoin address.
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    Thats exactly what happened with coinbase I actually was sending to a source a few years ago and they banned me. Cash app didnt ban me but every step of the way is an issue they closed an account for no reason my verifications had to be done 5 times the zip code on my card they say is invalid so I just gave up with them
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    It appears there may be bugs in cash app's verification process imo.
  4. bambam333

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    yea that and a couple other things not going right plus zero patience plus aas = done with cash app
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  5. Savagesteve

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    I got mine squared away with no issues. From downloading the app to being able to send btc was a few hours.
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    Ill try again someday when Im in an extremly good mood I dont want to snap my phone in half Ive had it I just have garbage luck with cash app.
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  7. ABRA seems pretty straight forward. They want all the typical info, pics of your ID and so forth. If it weren't for my stupid card provider rejecting the transfer, i'd have BTC right now. :mad:
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    For those having trouble with CashApp. I just had a guy in a similar situation as you. After much frustration, I found some posts online that alluded to the following which fixed most peoples issues. He finally got a response and his account was verified and working within a few hrs.

    This is the procedure to use.
    Go to "Something Else" > "Cash Card" > "Dispute a Transaction" > Services/Merchandise Not Received" > "Contact Support"
    Then just tell them the issue you are having.
  9. Michael Scally MD

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    o yea might have to give them a try. Did you call your card to let the transaction go through I know most of them make you do that when it comes to btc transactions I used to have to call them everytime
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  11. No. It was late, so i threw in the towel. Talking with my card providers customer service people isn't on the top of my list of tortures to endure. :D
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    Lol I feel you on that
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    What I've always used
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    I was just hit with a 2 week hold on my BTC purchase on Coinbase. I was able to move it from BCT to cash, with a minor hit, but I can't withdraw the cash. My bank account has already been charged and I still can't remove it. Fuck Coinbase.

    Right now I use Cash App and was able to do a few transaction but now when I go to add cash the transaction fails. Not sure why. I have a ticket in to the support so hopefully it gets fixed.

    I'm going to give some of these other option you guys listed.
  15. KingPin42

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    Just downloaded ABRA and they want my social security number. Did you have to put that in?
  16. As far as i remember. Don't think you can proceed to the next screen if you leave it blank. Not sure what would happen if you used some random number?
  17. KingPin42

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    Haven't had any security issues or concerns?

    I typed in ABRA on google and the first result was 'ABRA is a scam'. Saw a few that said ABRA was a scam. This was on Reddit so take it for what it's worth but it raised some flags for me.
  18. Yamsan

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    I've just been using cashapp to buy my coin. Its available immediately after I buy it. Took a week of bullshit emailing back and forth to verify to withdraw it though. Then I send it to blockchain or mycelium.
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  19. Savagesteve

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    I second cashapp. Fast af and don’t get raped with fees and holding your money like coinbase. I had my account verified within a few hours as well
  20. i didn't have any security issues. The app worked great, up to the point where i got the disheartening message that my card provider blocked the transaction.

    By that point, all my info was entered and sent, including my debit card info. Haven't had any issues. That was a month ago, possibly longer? (It's all a blur anymore)

    If you have any doubts or worries, maybe try the alternatives first and keep ABRA on the back burner. A last ditch effort, in case all else fails.