Don't Bitcoins leave a huge digital trail to your Credit Card?

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    So far I haven't found any store where you can buy and transfer btc with no CC and no ID.

    If truefighter-like hackers give the codes to the feds
    Can't they just trace it to your CC?
    btc exchange companies will hand over your info to the feds in a blink of an eye.
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    That's not at all what I'm saying. No one assumes WU/MG is automatically anonymous and neither should they assume Bitcoin is automatically anonymous.

    You are unlikely to find a legitimate Bitcoin exchange that will allow you to anonymously buy any significant amount of bitcoin without violating KYC/AML regulations. You can try face-to-face cash transactions with strangers using an app like Mycelium but...

    Consider for a moment how you would approach the anonymity issue with WU/MG.

    I don't know anyone who worries about acquiring cash anonymously to send via WU/MG. They only focus on spending/sending cash anonymously via WU/MG.

    It's the same with Bitcoin. Most people don't worry so much about acquiring bitcoin anonymously to send via the blockchain. They only focus on spending/sending bitcoin anonymously via the blockchain.
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    Western Union: Never try to send more than you can afford to walk away from. I've always sent funds with a fake name. For the first time recently I had a problem. After exploring different avenues I could not find a way to get my funds back without producing identification - something I obviously can't do when using a fake name as the sender.
    First time I have been burned, sucks .......... but glass is half full because it's the only one.
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    Yeah I was posting in another thread---) just went out and tried to locate a prepaid debit card to work on circle..... And in us they all require ss# -----bummer
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    Guys, it's very simple. Get a fake ID and always leave it at home unless you're on your way to WU/MG to pick up funds that couldn't be sent. It doesn't even have to be a good fake ID. The 16 year old working the counter at your local grocery store isn't trained to spot fake Identification.
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    So what?
    I'd rather lose my transferred funds than to have it traced back to me
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    If you know how to tumble the coins after buying them, they cant trace it back to you.

    Read PIs post ln hkw to do this usung darkwallet. Right now you dont understand bitcoin.
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    Searched around for this post. Do you have a link?
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    Looks like he erased it. But its pretty simple

    Setup account using circle pay using real info, buy bitcoins.

    Download and install tor browser

    Open a mycellium or or block chain or any other wallet while connected through the tor network and vpn that doesn't require personal info to open. You will need two of these wallets.

    Send money from cycle account to one of the accounts you just opened

    If using a computer download the dark wallet chrome extension. If using android download samouria.

    Send the bitcoins to the dark wallet or samouria and tumble. Your coins are now Clean. Do not let the coins sit there as dark wallet is unstable, it's OK to leave in samouria though.

    Then send the coins from the dark wallet to the other wallet you opened through the tor network.

    Now your coins are clean.

    Just a note, when using samouria to send make sure you set the transaction to mimicking a coinjar transaction.

    Also dark wallet is much safer overall than samouria do the outbound nodes on samouria, but for our use its more than enough protection.
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    Yeah, and my circle did a hold on me at first so be ready for that..... Not instant at first till they confirm who you are I guess........

    But isn't loading on circle--- then sending to block chain on Tor, security enough if a different wallet is used Everytime...... Or am I missing the part where dark wallet is important?
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    No sending from circle to a wallet created over tor does nothing. Anybody watching the block chain can follow the coins right back to you. The only reason you need that step in the first place is becuase circle will ban you if you send from it directly to the dark wallet of they find out.

    The dark wallet actually tumbles your coins. Think of it as a big as safe. You and hundreds of others send money into dark wallets. Instead of them sending your coins directly back to you, they send you a piece of a coin from some guy in russia, another from a guy in japan, another from england etnd etc. So the coins are untraceable back to the person that originally bought them using their credit card.

    Samouria does the same thing but simukate the process where nobody can tell the difference. Problem with it is the exit nodes are on bitcoin committe governed networks so its not nearly as secure as dark wallet but is a thousand times more stable. And for our purpose its more than good enough.

    Just a heads up if circle or coinbase suspect criminal activity, they will ban you. Thats why they dont like you using the dark wallet and why you have to setup the intermediatte account as a safe guard.

    Remember the more times you move the money the safer it is but honestly right now dark wallet is untraceable and samouria is pretty damn close. This could change but so far so good.
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    Thank you for your input. I'll look into this!
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    Cool, at first it sounds so complicated.... But the more I learn the easier it is to understand.....
    Does anybody ever have trouble viewing block chain on Tor..... Seems to always give me an error message..... Can't remember exact words right now but won't log in to wallet..?

  16. It isnt that easy to find a fake ID... just saying
  17. Just to summerize:

    3 wallets necessary:
    Setup Circle/wallet
    Send to intermediate Wallet
    Send from intermediate to Dark Wallet

    After this send back to intermediate wallet? Or can you purchase directly from Dark Wallet?