Don't use the same username across other public websites

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by FuriousWO, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. FuriousWO

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    If you use the same username on this or other sites where there could be illegal activity as you do public sites where you have your name, city, age, pictures, etc posted you are a risk to yourself and to any sources you use.
    For example, if you created an account here with the same username from say... Plenty of Fish or close this account immediately and start over here. Any LE that monitors this site, and they do, know EXACTLY who you are. You are putting yourself at a huge risk (asking for cycle advice) and also the safety of any source that you are involved with.
    Please do yourself and everyone at MESO a favor and stop using your current MESO account, create a brand new email account not associated with any other site and finally create a new MESO account. Never refer to your old MESO account from your new one.
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  2. fightingfires

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    I just felt my Plenty of Fish nickname "hugepenisforyou" wasn't really appropriate here anyhow
  3. element00

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    BUMP. Look I'm certainly no expert on this at all, but this shit is for real. Common sense people, common sense
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    Wait, I shouldn't link this to my LinkedIn account?
  5. element00

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    No but you should to your bank account and tax number :eek:
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  6. double-leg

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    Hung-low is on plenty of fat. Com
  7. element00

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    I must be old and paranoid, but what is it about guys linking usernames to public shit and talking openly about AAS. I'd stay as far away as possible from these guys. They're a risk to themselves and others IMO
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  8. Mr.B66

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    What i cant believe is when the younger guys post that they just ordered 2days ago and got their tracking number and pack should be at their house in 3 days That always blows my fucking mind!!!!
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    Oh yeah and go check out my Instagram, cause I am jacked o_O
  10. double-leg

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    I am actually the sameway i dont like posting picks of me with face or show any scar or etc. On forum like this either. The less info the better. Progress pic with a tatoo or scar can be your downfall. Thought i was the only one like this
  11. MindlessWork

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    Showing off your ink on LinkedIn is bad juju :eek:
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  12. element00

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    I got no issue with guys posting pics here, it's up to the individual to decide what to post up and what not to. It's these dudes that link to their social media profiles, with all these followers where they bang on about their gear, show pics of everything etc. fuck some stupid shit that is IMO. People should be wary of that approach
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  13. MindlessWork

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    Definitely spot on. I would NEVER link my posts or lifestyle where employers could see as it is in pretty bad taste and a hazard to my professional career.
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  14. alexgt149

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  15. passnoutlz

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    Of course I would not link any personal info, usernames, facebook, linkedin to this site or vice versa. But I do have a separate secure email that I use only for stuff related to this site. Should that email address have a completely different name associated with it as well?