Dosage & Brands of Pregnenolone, DHEA

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by coz, Feb 11, 2007.

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    coz Junior Member

    For those supplementing with DHEA & Pregnenolone, what dosages are you using per day, and what brands do you recommened.

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    pmgamer18 Member

    I do 25 mgs. of DHEA a day was doing 25 mgs. 2 times a day. Pregnenolone start with 10 mgs. do a search on this here and you will find a lot of posts on this. I do hcg and take Cortef HC for my Adrenals. So when I tried Pregnenolone it I feel drove my E2 way up. Later I found out one does not do well on Pregnenolone when on HCG and Cortef.
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    coz Junior Member

    Thanks Phil.

    I'm currently only using novladex to try get my levels up - I notice that no matter how high I get my LH (from mid to top of range) my test will always sit at around 15nmol & wont go any higher. I have very low HDL cholesterol & wondered if maybe I also have low pregnenolone - therefore not having enough for the testies to produce more test.

    I'm going to get some tests done - also looking for adrenal fatigue (as mentioned in other thread), so will check pregnenolone too before I try supplementing.

    Wondering if anyone had any feedback good or bad on the following brands;

    Country Life, BioChem, Pregnenolone, 10 mg
    Source Naturals, Pregnenolone, 25 mg

    Country Life, BioChem, DHEA, 25 mg
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    BigAk Junior Member

    Dr. John has put me on 25mg/day of DHEA after my blood levels showed them to be below range. I've been using the same brand that Phil told me to use with no complains. I recall your levels had come up to 17 before while on the nolvadex. Plus, just a few weeks back you were reporting that you've been feeling pretty well... Could it be that you're feeling bad now because your levels did not measure up to your expectations after a few months on the nolva?? Just a thought...

    What's your Free test look like?

    BTW.. What the equivalence to 15 in the American measures??

    Sorry to hear that you're having bad symptoms Coz... I hope you feel better soon. :)
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Everyone that test Pregnenolone in men tests low best to just try it. Read this thread
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    coz Junior Member

    BigAk - the 17nmol was during my first restart attempt last year - where I ran hcg, clomid & novla.

    Also it's not due to phsychological issues about level measurements, as I was feeling good for a few months on the novla only & did not do any blood tests during this time for that exact reason. It was a few weeks ago, that I start exhibiting symptoms again & feeling alot worse, so I went and got blood tests 'after' this.

    I havent done any free T tests, again as I have not been focusing on blood test results, but how I feel.

    15nmol/L = 428.57ng/dl (you use ng/dl in US right ?)
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    BigAk Junior Member

    Coz... First off, I'm sorry that you're feeling lousy lately. I went through the same symptoms actually in mid Dec after I embarked on clomid and nolva again. I felt exactly like you were describing. But, things started to get better again .. slowly but surely.. I would like to remind you that we have not been off TRT for that long.... and we are on SERMs... These two facts are enough to cause periods of ups and downs... You may be going through a low dip now.... Be patient and ride it out... You'll start feeling better soon.... Maybe it's time to taper off the Nolva and forget about it all together and allow your body handle that recovery task without intrusion on your behalf; with the SERMs, etc... Believe me when I say. I have felt like a million bucks when I was off the SERMs (in all aspects) even though my numbers were in the 300 range. Once, I introduced the SERMs again, I was in sad pct land again.

    Measure your DHEA and other hormones to see if you're having adrenal fatique in the mean time. Like I said Dr. John put me on 25mg of dhea.... but to be honest with you, I'm skeptical about it and I can't tell if it's doing anything at all. In the back of my mind, and my gut feeling tells me; the less interference I do with my body's ability to recover, the better.

    We had been shut down on TRT for years... It's gonna take our body some good time to start increasing our DHEA and the rest of our hormones again.... Yes; the Nolva will block the estrogen receptors to trick our hpta... but if there's not enough raw meterial to make testosterone such as DHEA, Chosterole, zinc.. etc... the SERMs are a waste of time.

    Also; I want to mention something... Almost everyone I have talked to about this claim it has taken them about a year to get on their feet again... We've only been at it about 6 months??!!! Take it easy.... chill out.... and ride out these bad times. They will pass... God willing... I say drop the pharmaceuticals and let patience be your next SERM.

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