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what's up yall

I was wondering if some of you could share some knowledge to help me sort out some dosage questions I may have for a current study i'm running on a test subject. Let's begin.

So a current cycle a test subject is running is as follows:
Monday: 300mg pharmacom test E300, 40mg Pharmacom dbol
Tuesday: 40 mg Pharmacom dbol
Wednesday: 40 mg Pharmacom dbol
Thursday: 300mg pharmacom test E300, 40mg Pharmacom dbol
Friday: 40 mg pharmacom dbol
Saturday 250mg CBL test E250, 40mg pharmacom dbol
Sunday:40 mg pharmacom dbol
Now I know these questions have been asked in general but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for this cycle in particular. Subject has RUI liquidex for during the cycle to use as an AI and Milk thistle with NAC for liver protection. (N2Guard on the way but might be awhile for delivery). What would yall suggest for dosing the liquidex and liver agents (NAC with Milk Thistle) while on cycle. (nova and chlomid will be used PCT). Please let me know if there is any other information you need. Or any other suggestions you may have. Thanks!

Weight: 208
Goal Weight: 225
Underwater pre-BMI: 9.28%
Daily Macros:
Protein :330g
Carbs: 660g
Other supps used:
c4 preworkout
Creatine Monohydrate
daily vitamin C
Fish oils with Omega C


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Taking the Milk Thistle and NAC is completely up to you. If it makes you feel better then do it...I mean, I take both of those year round. But you should understand that neither one of those supplements will actually "protect" your liver from any damage caused by an AAS oral. Drink a lot of water, keep your oral AAS doses reasonable, dont run the oral for longer than 4 to 6 weeks max, and dont run a bunch of orals all at once. This is how you protect your liver. Honestly the best way to protect your liver is to not run orals at all. But to answer your question on dosage...start the Adex at .5mg eod and adjust to ed if needed, or cut that dose in half if .5mg is too much. Everyone is different. I take 600mg NAC twice a day, and I take 250mg Milk Thistle 3 times a day. Again, everyone is different.

Here is a thread that you can use to reference the fact that supplements like NAC and Milk Thistle DO NOT "protect" your liver from orals.
so your running
850 mg test e a week
and 40 mg dbol ed.
dump the liver protecter and replace with h20.
do .5 mg eod adex get bloods and adjust dose.
why so much test ? what are your past cycles?

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