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    So making this to remeber my pinning schedule, So I can write it somewhere. And if anyone cares they can see it.

    Test Cyp 200- .5mL = 100 mg pinned Su, M, T, W, Th, F = 700 mg a week
    tren A 133- .5 mL = 66 mg pnned Su, M, T, W, Th, F = 400 mg a week
    Mast P 200- .5 mL = 100 mg pinned Su, M, T, W, Th, F = 600 mg a week
    EQ 425- 1 mL = 425 mg pinned Monday = 425 mg a week
    Dbol 30 mg AM and 30 mg Pre Workout = 60 mg a day
    HGH 3 iu pinned AM fasted and 2 iu pinned pre workout= 5 iu a day

    New Compounds added
    Will be doing the Tren A for 6-8 weeks
    Will be doing DBOL for 4-6 weeks
    Will be doing HGH for a length of time hopefully 6 + months. But doing 5 iu for 10 weeks and seeing about dosing at that point.

    Switching Esters
    Mast E to Mast P running Mast P for 6 more weeks

    Already on and extending
    Will be doing the Test Cyp for 10 more weeks
    Will be doing the EQ for 10 more weeks

    Was already on 600 mg Test Cyp for 10 weeks
    Was already on 600 mg Mast E Switching to Mast P Now
    Was already on 425 mg EQ for 10 weeks

    T4 112 mcg a day

    My bloodwork came back PERFECT so adding compounds and extending my cycle.

    My baseline igf-1 was 218 and this is the first time running HGH.
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  2. jJjburton

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    My workout and diet

    Fasting HGH with Fasted cardio for 30 minutes.

    Middle of day lifting for 1 hr and 30 min
    Back and Shoulders
    1 off day every 14 days

    So basically I workout each muscle 2x a week

    Yoga for 20 minutes EOD
    20 min Core EOD

    4000 Cals
    375 Protein
    375 Carbs
    120 Fats
    Gallon of water a day

    Fish oil AM and PM
    Niacin PM 50 mg
    Fiber AM
    Caffeine AM and PM
    Vit D AM and PM
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  3. Nela

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    How long you been on hgh mate how u finding it
    Nice cycle u have going on mate
  4. jJjburton

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    10 days on HGH. Getting bloods in a couple weeks to see if its legit.
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  5. mp46

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    You’ve never done hgh and you’re starting At 5iu, Also 2,125mg a week of gear? I thought you were new to all this?
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  6. jJjburton

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    No far from new.
  7. TheH0517

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    It’s not a big deal, but you’re only injecting 600mg/week per your pinning schedule of test instead of the 700 you wrote down
  8. jJjburton

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    Ok thanks yes i meant 600. Appreciate it.
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    Feeling a little lethargic from the hgh. Deciding what to do....going to try to start taking caffeine. Unless I drop a couple iu's But I dont want to yet untill I get bloods.
  10. TheH0517

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    It’s completely normal, personally I’d wait it out. Usually subsides, but I’ve heard it can take a month or 2 to do so. I started at 2iu and went up to 4iu so it didn’t hit me as hard. You could bump down an iu or so, but it’s not abnormal to feel this way. I’m also not an expert so just my limited experience and opinion.
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  11. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Good advice thanks. will be waiting it out. And trying caffeine.
  12. TheH0517

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    coffee all damn day
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  13. jJjburton

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    Also this part of my cycle is a bulk.
    I am at 4000 cals.
    Will see what the scale does in a week. Then Up the cals. Going to stick with this I am forcing myself to hit 230.
    I am 220.
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  14. jJjburton

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    Started taking heart burn medicine prilosec. Starting to feel it.
  15. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Switching up taking AM to PM because of how tired i am getting. With GH.
  16. I dig this thread a lot. You planning on posting pics along the way also?? For your training routine hitting everything 2x per week what does that look like? Two heavy days, heavy and a pump, or do you have focuses for certain push/pull muscles on various days??
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    I will post pic when I am done. I have pic of before this cycle. I am 220 15 perfect BF, 6 foot 1. Probably 13 percent now. I am trying to bulk but being so busy during the day I am still losing weight/ by like 1 lb every 2 weeks. eating 4000 cals So I have been trying to up my cals even more.
  18. jJjburton

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    As for training each muscle 2x a week. I take 1 day off every 9 days. After I hit each muscle 2x. I take a day off But that being said....

    I do this. I make sure that I hit each muscle 3 days apart. Which usually ends up being this.

    Day 1- Legs....... Focus Quads and Calves
    Day 2- Chest....... Focus benching and presses
    Day 3- Back and Shoulers..... Focus Lats and Delts
    Day 4- Arms....... Heavy Biceps and Pump Triceps
    Day 5- Legs......Focus Squats Hamstrings and Glutes
    Day 6- Chest .......Focus Fly Exercises
    Day 7- Back and Shoulders........Focus Rows and Traps
    Day 8- Arms.......Heavy Triceps and Pumps Biceps
    Day 9 Off

    I also do Stretching/Yoga every 2 days.
    I also do Core every 3 days.
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  19. jJjburton

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    So I still workouts each muscle 2x but I focus on a area of that muscle, while still hitting the whole muscle because its impossible to isolate perfectly.

    I also pin the muscle the next day I just worked out. So Quad days the next day I pin Quads.

    So I will be trying to hit 230 lbs in the next 6-8 weeks.
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  20. jJjburton

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    Calling it quits on this cycle. Just going to do DBOL and Test.

    I ran this cycle before any was fine. This time I have so muh life shit going on. I have to stop.
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