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    Ok so the cycle Im on is fairly simple, I’ve already been on it for 2-3 weeks. Goal maintain or gain as much lean mass while reducing body fat. I didn’t want to do a split pin in the week, therfor I’m pinning every 5 days long esters.

    800~850 Test cyp/every 5 days/3.25mls
    800~850 Eq./every 5 days/3.25mls
    100~150mg Anadrol per day

    Oils for 20 weeks oral for 8 weeks.

    In regards to the oils I’m slamming all 6.5mls in one day. Then repeating every 5 days. My question is since they both are long esters, and I’m pinning every 5 days maybe my dose is actually higher? Since I’m cuttin 2 days off the week and pinning more frequent? I wanted to increase my Eq dose to 1g every 5 days but it seems after some time it’ll reach that since it’s a long Ester? Do I make sense or am I splitting hairs here?
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    800mg e5d equates to 1100 or so a week. Pinning schedule shouldn’t be an issue. You’re over a g a week if you extrapolate to 2x per week pinning. IMO the “week” basis is a bad frame for dosing.

    There are some calculators out there that would calculate your active dose at steady given half lives and dosage.

    EDIT: saw the Cyp. Attached a chart for you.

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    You answered my question nail on the head. Il leave it where it’s at for now. Appreciate your response brotha.
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    See edits
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    That’s a kick ass half life calculator. I did a google search but maybe I’m retarded right now. I’m not coming up with the one that you linked?
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    I'd stick to 100mg on the Anadrol. 100 is plenty. After 100 you start to see diminishing returns in my experience. Worse sides and minimally better gains.
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    I agree with you on this. On the days I did bump up to 150mg it was a great workout. Then again it was a great workout also on 100mg. So I understand what you’re sayin.
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    I’d rather add an oral than take drol over 100
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    Have a nice run brother. I like the pinning schedule.
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    I’ll PM you the link
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    Hey @penche, below I posted the total amount you are using weekly per your schedule and dose.

    800mg/e5d = 1,120mg/weekly
    850mg/e5d = 1,190mg/weekly
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    Appreciate it @opti for the precise doses!

    I rem you being a big fan of Eq back in the day too my dude. Enjoying this run, only quirk is managing that blood pressure. So far so good tho. Shoot me a text somtime so we can shoot the sheet
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