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    Group Buy for Shares In a Gridseed Mining Farm


    What Is This :

    We have moved to expanded our business beyond the anabolic world and have access to ASIC mining equipment at wholesale price. This is a Group Buy for shares in Mining Farm that will consist of the newest and most efficient Scrypt/Litecoin mining hardware to date. We are selling 34k shares in a Scrypt ASIC farm at $1/share.

    How dividends are payed out

    Payouts will be at the end of each month. 12% of the monthly revenue will be taken as maintenance fee's and cost of electric. Payments are based on percent of the shares you own. For example, if you own 50% of the shares you get 50% of the profit. At current crypto rates that would be about $4180/month.


    300-400kh/s for LTC mining.


    Bitcoin (based on Bitstamp)
    Note: Don't post your transaction ID for payment in the comments section only PM.


    If you own shares that are multiples of 170 we will ship your unit out upon request other wise we will host for you and have our IT worker maintain and run the farm. For example, if you own 170 shares that is 1 gridseed unit, if you own 510 share you own 3 units. You'll will pay cost of shipping via DHL or FedEx.

    How to Order:

    PM me here
    Order Example
    Order Amount:
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  2. Cryptobolics

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    If you would like to buy bulk units instead of shares in the farm we can have them shipped directly to you!. Escrow is Accepted
    200 units going for $189/unit.
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    Im all about bit coin. But this is not eBay bro.
  4. johnnyBALLZ

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    And what happens when you don't pay out dividends??


    Think it's easy pickings' in an unregulated industry huh??

    GTFO, UGL turned cryptocurrency miner.... [:eek:)] [:eek:)]
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  5. Cryptobolics

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    If you seen the post below we can also send the miners directly to you, so you don't even have to invest in the farm. We accept escrow so you can be sure to get your units. This a perfect legitimate business venture, and a perfect opportunity to join a newly emerging market. And whats wrong with mining?:confused:
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    Why do members here keep attacking like a pack of ravening wolves? I offer legitimate services with escrow, anonymous payment methods and all you do is bash. Why don't you guys think of how this could benefit the UG community and society as a whole? Some of you guys are thinking pennies, small minded folk
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  7. pumpingiron22

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    How much if I wanted to buy one actual miner. Whats your price per unit.
  8. pumpingiron22

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    I see where your coming from as bit coin is the future.
  9. Can someone tell a old babyboomer what a mining farm is ? Without getting too technical......:confused:
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    Miners which is the unit basically solve complex math problems. In return you are rewarded fragments of bit coins. It is the future more and more regular places are accepting this form of payment. Im might buy one if the price is right. I just this is not a scam we Wil see.
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  11. johnnyBALLZ

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    Though most of these "miners" cost more in electricity to run than they'll ever produce in bitcoins.. Unless you're willing to drop 15K+..
  12. tubesox

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    so you mean to tell me that air filter solves math problems and pays me?[:eek:)]
  13. Cryptobolics

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    This absolutely false, the new asic miners we sell are 30x more efficient then GPU mining farms of the past. The miners we sell are actually used to mine for Scrypt coins like litecoin which is way more profitable then bitcoin at the moment. To put cost of electricity into perspective our units pull a mere 7 watts of electricity compared to the GPU's 340 watts
  14. Cryptobolics

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    Your actually getting paid for secure/protecting the bitcoin or litecoin network. When you machine solve that math algorithm you are securing the currency so that reverse transactions and counterfeiting coins are not possible. Anyways yes it make money there was a man on the news who makes 8 million dollars a month mining bitcoin. Of course we are selling bulk purchases of 200 units for $37k which at current rates would earn you about 105k/year. Again I must stress I accept Escrow with reputable Bitcoin escrow services.
  15. pumpingiron22

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    Can you use it for bit coin if you wanted to I have seen one online that do.
  16. Cryptobolics

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    Yes you can actually dual mine both litecoin and bitcoin at the same time with these units the only thing is that. When you activate the Bitcoin cores in the chips they pull 60watts instead of only 7watts if you were just mining Litecoin. Most miners just use litecoin mode because you save on electric.
  17. jp4355

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    How can anyone say that Bitcoin is the future.
    Mt. Gox co.the Bitcoin Exchange just lost over $400 Million Dollars of digital currency. Now it's Lawsuit time.
    I'd say that Future, just got shot in the ass....................................JP
    Rough estimate is that Mt. Gox may have lost 750,000 of it's customers Bitcoins.
    Where can I sign-up, I need to have my Money Stolen.
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    Personally I wouldnt. Im speculating a little bit into pot stocks but im an asset allocation guy for my core portfolio and currently have some sattelites in europe and energy.

    I did well with lowes and home depot during the recovring housing market.

    I also love some good ol fixed income as well. Currently moved out of core bonds and into high yields, floating rates and ultra short duration bonds.
  19. Cryptobolics

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    Investing in a computer farm is not the same as investing in Bitcoin itself. Mt.gox situation anyone willing to leave over a $$million$$ on one exchange is not very smart. Usually miner leave their coins in offline wallets and transfer them to exchanges when they need to cash out. I'm not saying their no risk with mining but I don't know any miner who regrets buying a farm to mine crypto. I do know miners who regret selling their farms and coins early tho:eek:
  20. Wiscon

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    Not holding you to it, but what would you project a single $187 unit would net in a month? Might be worth it as a conversation piece. "Hey baby, wanna come check out my Litecoin mine?"....