doubts about clomid like serm

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    Well I was thinking in the same old story,how to get the ride about pct sides.

    Have you a good experience with clomid like serm after a hcg blast?Course test-e cycle like background.

    What do you think about the pct sides reduction- like high progesterone due clomid use- if winstrol is added like a finisher stuff before the hcg blast in the lasts weeks of test-e?

    Does some sense to you?

    All comments are welcome and some healthy and gente troll but dont abuse.

    cheers and thanks in advance
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    clomid can cause vision problems
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  3. chileandawg

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    just asking to myself if that if possible get some benefits of some kind special timing.

    You see,for example,frontloading of tamox at 140mg the first is a fucking sucess.Maybe the next try could be the same frontload but a minor dose after that,like a 20mg for two months.

    But tamox is very hard in my mind then need to get some mind scapes to get a lil hapiness,you know high LH you are in the bored side of the life.

    So,just thinking in this issues.

    I dont know,maybe a clomid frontload at 300mg then 25mg during two months.But the thoug thing here could be the progesterone.I guess my endo genetics play an important rol,my fat is not thick but Im a thin guy,I lossed a lot of internal fat you know,steroids.

    Pple says usually winstrol could be a nice finisher but maybe in my case to avoid tempting the evil adding some extra weeks to the cycle could be the trick,a good strategy.

    I was thinking in 150mg of test-e every five day - tell me if im wrong or sometjing but the pin will be between four days after pin that is the exactly idea - with 500ui of hcg.

    A total of 2500mg of test-e during 9 weeks.
    Then the blast of 7000 - 10.000 ui,then the serm.

    Rest and repeat,well just thinking.
  4. chileandawg

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    Help me to became a machoman,bottonline.
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    Do you ever actually take steroids?
  6. chileandawg

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    Actually I'completely off since first week of march.After that did pct Jack.
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    Many people feel a bit feminine on Clomid, try nolvadex instead.

    If you did HCG, you may need no SERM to recover.
    HCG keeps the testis "alive", and the pituitary should make LH, FSH again on stopping HCG.

    All SERMs can cause vision problems.