Dr. John Crisler Died - Suicide

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  1. Dr John Crisler has sadly passed away
    I am waiting details from a close friend
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    Sorry to hear that. The TRT pioneers have made a lot of things possible for men like me that never could have happened without the balls to say that "acting your age" is fucking stupid.
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    Wasn't he your idol as well? What a shame to hear.
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    Wow, thats crazy. The man looked like he was in fantastic shape. Wasn't he only like 60 or 61?
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    Rip that really sucks
  6. In the previous years there was documented cardiac issues. Looking good means jack shit about what is going on biological and emotionally inside. I over see very well known doctors health and blood markers. Truth being many are in worst shape then their worst patient.
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  7. Having a person with a god complex is not my idea of an idol by any means. Did I respect him for his contributions in realm of hormones absolutely..
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  8. Michael Scally MD

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    IIRC, he had an MI in the recent past. Unsure if this is the cause, but surely will be of interest.

    FB: John Crisler

    Recent Post [January 6]: TRT & Heart Health
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  9. Was suicide ...
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    Are you sure? Do you have a source.

    This was posted on his site ...

    From the staff: Our friend Dr. John Crisler died unexpectedly on Wednesday. Although Dr. Crisler had a history of heart disease, he was an active athlete and bodybuilder, and lived life to its fullest. He had a soft spot for little dogs that he rescued. We all benefitted from the power of his gentle spirit and generous nature, and are devastated by the loss. His office staff requests contributions in his name be made either to the Heart Association or to the pet rescue shelter of your choice. Dr. John Crisler
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    Comments on Carl Lanore's post state suicide.

    Carl Lanore: "he took his own life.. listen to today's show"
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    I just listened to the Jay Campbell podcast. The guys who know him all realized the last communication between himself and other people was that he was trying to make peace with everyone. So, yes, he killed himself.
  15. Damn...wow. May God have mercy of his sole. May he be welcomed by eternal peace.
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    Sad to hear. Rest in peace and prayers for those left behind.
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  17. Yes I know about these correspondences.
    There was also a post 2 weeks on Facebook prior about coming off an AI to let his estrogen out a bit to see where things would end up. We all known hormonal fluctuation along with personal issues creates a perfect storm..
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    Hung himself I read?!?!
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    That’s the current consensus.
  20. Michael Scally MD

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    No Quick Fix For Physician Burnout, Depression
    No quick fix for physician burnout, depression | Reuters

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Close to 44 percent of U.S. physicians are burned out, and 15 percent are depressed and thinking about suicide, according to a survey conducted by Medscape. [Medscape National Physician Burnout, Depression & Suicide Report 2019 Medscape National Physician Burnout, Depression & Suicide Report 2019 ]


    The Medscape survey found that male physicians are more likely to cope with burnout by exercising (51 percent males vs. 43 percent females), whereas female physicians are more likely to talk with friends and family (52 percent females vs. 37 percent males). More women eat junk food to cope (38 percent vs. 27 percent) and similar percentages of men and women drink alcohol (23 percent men; 21 percent women).

    The Medscape survey pinpointed too many administrative tasks as a leading cause of physician burnout (59 percent), as well as spending too many hours at work (34 percent). Other factors included electronic health records (32 percent), insufficient compensation/reimbursement (29 percent) and “feeling like just a cog in a wheel” (20 percent).

    Depression also affects physicians’ dealings with colleagues or staff, with 47 percent stating that they are more easily exasperated with staff/peers, and 40 percent stating they express their frustration in front of their colleagues.

    Yet 64 percent of respondents said they don’t plan to seek help for depression or burnout and they have not sought help in the past.