Dr prescribed trt sub q shots

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  1. Bigboy727

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    She said that absorption is better SQ for trt. I’ll ask more questions in 3 months. It would be cool not worrying about sore quads on leg day!!
  2. Monstar

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    Ask her to show you her source and the studies which have documented this.

    Muscle has A LOT of blood flow. Fat has little. Blood increases rate of absorption in the body. She MAY be full of shit.

    I'm not saying sub q doesn't work and probably isn't better for the general populace who are uncomfortable with IM needles and injections (slin pins are not for IM generally). But I really doubt, for the most fundamental reasons like blood flow, that shooting into fat offers better absorption than muscle. Adequate for TRT using a longer ester...sure...superior for absorption...I am highly skeptical.
  3. Dr JIM

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    IF your Doc prescribed subq TRT then he is OBLIGATED to ensure you are familiar with the particulars!

    And aspirating even 1/2 a CC of an oil based solvent into a slin syringe very difficult, if not near impossible wo changing needles or backfilling all of which increase the risk of infection, especially in a NOVICE.

    And for these and other reasons either your Doc is an idiot or the thread should be entitled “How To Slin”.
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  4. TenPin

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    Go straight to 4:58 if you don’t want watch it all - but the first part gives some interesting information on Sub Q in general

  5. Dr JIM

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    This “doctor” is a bonified quack and I nor anyone else should follow his advise.

    And if Dr Greaser is the OPs TRT doctor he’s in deep dung!

  6. Dr JIM

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    The studies on SubQ are limited to Test and do seem to show an absorption rate on par w IM.

    However most folk do NOT know how to perform a SQ injection properly and as a result PIN FAT, which has a much more limited blood supply and a slower rate of absorption.

    Finally bc all the data on parenteral AAS
    (excluding a few limited SQ/TT studies)
    involve IM injections it’s unknown whether the SQ route offers any benefits

    And the latter is important knowing how cumbersome this form of TRT can be esp in the hands of young novices, who’s TRT is almost always the result of AIH

    THE latter is something your Doctor should also know unless he/she is an idiot and doesn’t know how to evaluate, diagnose and/or restore those w HTPA dysfunction.
  7. Bigboy727

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    So please then tell me how to raise my test back up then? I would much rather be normal and have my test above 227 and feel like shit. I had low test before ever touching a hormone. Well I was at 286. Everything was bottomed out.
  8. rpbb

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    actually saw a study I think at steroids.com a few years back where the absorption was hit or miss on sub q
  9. Bigboy727

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    I definitely cannot argue if there is any benefit to it or not I am not in the medical field, I am into the commercial development field. She was looking over all my insulin and everything and I told her that I don’t eat yolks And she told me that there is no reason to not eat them. I just read that a new Harvard study came out and said you should not eat more than two yolks a week. The world is a mess and I don’t think I believe anybody I’m just trying to get by data day.
  10. ironwill1951

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    sub q injection has a slower absorption rate wouldnt that make levels more stable for trt? its a much higher spike when absorbed rapidly like IM correct?
  11. Bigboy727

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    Yes that is what I was told. However, according to @Dr JIM that Belief is for quacks. So idk
  12. Eman45

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    Seen people go im injection with slin pin. I can’t imagine subq would be good lol can be painful n take longer to dissolve into blood stream. Think bout to don’t no anything that is subq oil base they all water base. My bro was using inch pins for glute he a big boy 6’2” 240. Was complaining about pip n knots. We shooting same gear I had no issue. Used 1.5 pin n no more issue with pain
  13. Eman45

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    that why we have esters attach to hormone. For stable levels
  14. phenominal34

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    Your supposed to pinch an inch of fat and inject into that part your pinching so not sure where your coming up wth don’t inject into fat .... there’s demonstrations all over YouTube and multiple legit doctors prescribing this way . 26-29 g 1/2 inch insulin works perfectly fine .
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  15. TenPin

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    @Dr JIM ........ has his work been professionally debunked ? I ask as he seem to get referenced pretty often and was held in relatively high esteem from what I can see

    Are you a MD practicing in this field or is the Dr Jim just a "handle" ?
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  16. Xpac2

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    Bump for an answer from @Dr JIM
  17. TRT@40

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    A family member started self prescribed TRT sub-q (in the belly at 100mg/wk (0.5ml)). When he started, I gave him a vial of my prescription test e and everything was fine in terms of feeling the expected improvement and no knots of any sort. When he ran out of RX test, I gave him a vial of AA's test cyp, he immediately got knots that would last 5-6days.

    @Bigboy727, my advice to you is that if you are going sub-q, start with a pharma grade test to keep all other variable out of the equation and keep volume no higher than 0.5ml.
    When I go back to cruising at 250-300mg/wk of test, I will do sub-q as I want to give my 6-8 IM injection sites a break for healing before I blast again.
  18. I don’t even like doing my hcg SC, I do it IM.
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  19. Bigboy727

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    I have a script. I picked a refill up 2 days ago and the pharmacist said she has seen 4 people recently move to sub Q injections. So, I just wonder if @Dr JIM may be a little behind on the times or live in sticks.
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  20. TenPin

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    Like I said before - all my injections are sub q and I have posted bloods etc several times that anyone can search for under my profile.

    Agree with comments above about keeping volume down hence my comments earlier in this thread about splitting pinning site.

    Pinned IM once to try it - nearly cried with the pain and limped for two days ... never again :)