Dr. Scally, PoWer PCT Question.

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    I am running a 10-12 week prop only cycle @ 120mg EOD along with aromasin @ 12.5mg ED (possibly EOD). I'm 37, 5'11, 240lbs @ 14-15% BF. I've read in Llewellyn's Anabolics 9th ed. about your PoWer pct program and I'm interested in trying it. My question is, would I wait the week or 2 generally suggested for a strictly clomid/nolva based PCT? Or would I start the day after my last injection with your hcg/Clomid/Nolva protocol. Thinking through it logically, I'm assuming you would start immediately.

    Also, the original plan was the ever popular HCG 250iu biweekly. I've already taken 2 injections during my 4th week. I'm assuming these 2 doses would not have any adverse effects on your PCT program. Is that a correct assumption?

    Thank you Sir in advance for your advice.
  2. Michael Scally MD

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    I do not have a "PoWer PCT program." This sounds like it came from Nelson Vergel, a friend of mine. As far as proper PCT, the AAS cycle determines the timing! For example, TC/TE at 200 mg/week vs. TC/TE at 600 mg/week will have a different PCT timing. Adding in other AAS will possibly change the timing. In my opinion, the PCT timing is probably the 2nd biggest PCT error. The 1st is no laboratory confirmation.
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    Okay, in the book you were listed as one of the "key doctors" in this program developed at the Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR).

    Here's the protocol in case you're interested: Human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) is taken at 2500lU every other day for 16 days. clomiphene citrate 50 mg is taken twice per day for 30 days.tamoxifen citrate is taken 20 mg per day for 45 days.
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  4. Michael Scally MD

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    It has changed. The critical question is still the timing.
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    What would the timing look like for the cycle outlined here? 420mg prop/week @ 10-12 weeks.

    Are you saying the protocol has changed, or the book has?
  6. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    The protocol changed minimally.
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    Do you know what changed about it?
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    The only thing I saw on there was the original abstract which I already had. Unless I'm missing something. Thanks for the link though.
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  11. JeffD

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    I appreciate the time and responses Doc.

    I do have one more question if you don't mind. Would any of those dosages be decreased due to a lesser cycle of just prop for 10-12 weeks @ 120mg EOD? Or is it that shutdown is shutdown and this has worked to restore it.

    Thanks again for the info.
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  12. Michael Scally MD

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    It is a good point. And, the pct can vary considerably depending in the AAS use. It must be understood, the treatment for HPTA restoration was developed or the worst of th worst overall! I had males with very long histories of AAS use. The treatment was aimed at working for all. There is some AAS use where i think PCT is a waste since the HPTA will return in about the same time. However, if we are talking about maintaining anabolic improvements, the discussion changes.
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    Understood. Ultimately that's what I'm after is maintaining the gains I've made which is why I'm considering this option. Even though it may be a little overkill for my cycle, my HPTA will be shutdown, so I think it would still benefit me.

    I'm leaning towards the original nolva/clomid dosages with the newer "spread out" hcg protocol you mentioned. I'll be getting blood work afterwards, so I look forward to seeing how it worked. I'm anxious to see the blood work compared to my blood work from a year ago before any AAS usage, including a couple prohormone runs.

    Do you have any thoughts on torem over nolva here (being a close derivative with fewer reported negative sides)?
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    Hi doc,
    Is there a protocol for training during pct? I hear mixed reviews about not training and light training. Do you have a protocol?
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    Would this pct be for someone who also used HCG during cycle (250 IU every 3 days)?
    Or only for people who waited until the end of the cycle to use HCG?
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  16. id like to hear your thoyghts on toreme instead of clomid and nolva doc
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    I was thinking the same question. There are a lot of conflicting guides to proper HCG use.
  18. wel thats awkward Dr scally told.me hes not the creator of Power pct!
  19. Michael Scally MD

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    What I said was I did not NAME it the Power PCT.
  20. ok so what is YOUR name doc so i wont call it Power anymore.