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    Taoseeker Junior Member

    Dr. Scally, is your approach to pct - the one used as the basis for William Llewellyn's PCT material in his 9th Edition of Anabolics - still the same?

    I have seen so much contradictory advise on the internet; 2500IU of hcg every other day is atypical of the advice you customarily read. Swale (who is a doctor with experience) recommends a different approach.

    I am impressed by your knowledge and active review of emerging research. What is your position now on PCT?
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    I recommend using the "Search" tool. There is ample material posted.
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    musulman Banned

    he just copied what the bodybuilders were doing, it was not his own. bodybuilders are at the forefront with their bodies.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Excuse me? It is clear you do not know of what you speak.
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    bax Member

    Musulman has a history on here and Crisler's board of making the most ludicrous statements i have seen. The other day on that board he blamed a guy's blood pressure problems on being possesed by demon's. No, I am not making this up.:eek:
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Here is some info from some of Dr. Scally's recent posts:

    Recent changes to POWER PCT program
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    Taoseeker Junior Member

    I spent about 45 minutes searching various combinations of words related to pct, hcg, HCG on PCT, Dr. Scally (which go no search results) and I came up with an equally confusing picture of how much HCG to use on what schedule. The first quote is a response you made on one thread.

    The second quote corroborates your approach but with some latitude for confusion. If you do a search, you find that most of the people on this site are confused and each has a "credible" source to support their conclusions.

    The third quote is typical of the contradictory opinions held on this board.

    I guess I will go with 2000 IU ever other day for 16 days. Hopefully I will be close to the mark.

    "Let us know the TT from the hCG. [BTW: There are a total of 10 injections with hCG 2,000 IU, but I doubt it matters much.] "

    Scally, MC and Hodge, AH
    Houston, TX

    "Upon diagnosis, patients were administered the following agents: (a) human chorionic gonadotropin, (2000-2500 IU/QODx16d); (b) clomiphene citrate (50mg POBIDx30d); and (c) tamoxifen (20mg

    "If you go to Dr. John's site All Things Male - Center for Men's Health and read his HCG update he says no man should do more then 500 IU's a day. Best to do 100 IU's to play it safe. Or do 500 IU's 3 x's / week."
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    Paulo Souza

    Paulo Souza Member

    Dr. Scally

    You once said that pct Protocol was for even the worst case scenarios, like heavy long-term AAS user.

    Now, if someone administrated a 500-600mg/12-20 weeks, Test E or Cip, and took the suggested 500 IU SC Q3D throughout the AAS administration.

    Do you think that person would still need the 2000ui hcg EOD for 10 days to proper stimulate the testicular production? Or lowering the dosage to 1000ui HCG EOD for 10 day would be enough?
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Sounds good, but lab confirmation is a must! All should be reminded that every patient was followed closely with changes made as needed.
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    Taoseeker Junior Member

    Thanks Millard, that tells me what I need to know. I assume he is saying 2000IU EOD for a total of 20 days.
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    musulman Banned

    Dr Scally,

    I am not looking to get banned but i respectfully stand by what i said. I was saying that you are not responsible for the introduction of pct or the use of the compounds for these purposes. From what i know it was bodybuilders like dan duchaine that came up with what we now know as PCT, restart etc, regardless of whoever it was that came up with it first, it was not you. You have simply used what was already done. Not to take awak from what you have done for this field, or people, but, imo there will be many bodybuilders in the world who are not even doctors, but who are well read, informed and knowledgable could do the same as what you did - come up with a PCT protocol, tweaked but based on previous work. As we all know it is these bodybuilders (we all know eggheads at the local gym that are well read!) that try compunds on themselves and close cirlce of friends and then tweak them for best results, then share these discoveries with their friends and then when succesful inform the rest of the bodybuilding community. You have taken this work and then you simply try it out on patients then tweak it over time and through the experience you hone and tweak the pct or restart programs.

    I hope that explains what i briefly said in my previous post.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Did you use the "vbulletin forum" search utility or the "google" custom search? I think the vbulletin search function is lacking.The Google custom search is better.

    The differences in HCG dosage recommendations arise from the belief in the occurrence of HCG-induced leydig cell desensitization.



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    BBC3 Member

    In respectful defense of the doc. YOU are missing the point. No one said he invented pct. How are you even creating this argument.?? He did however sacrifice his active license in the pursuit of perfecting it., to which he should soon be vindicated we all hope well......

    ANYONE can gobble down some pills. To effectively ACHIEVE, & Affirm is another. PCT is not a simple one step process to success as many believe. There are many steroids, many cycles, and many different body types. Hell, most dont EVEN CARE if they achieve. They are so ready to get back on cycle, success IS MUTE TO THEM!!!! Please also kindly take note that these stabs are not gratified by Doc Scallys immediate deluge of trade secret information. You will find pieces and bits here. But you will not complete the puzzle until you get off your ass and support him.:).

    With all due respect to Bill L. and D.D, we are talking apples and oranges in every way. They all have their own merit, and deserved....


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