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    Hello Meso RX members. I am introducing to you a fairly new lab called Dracorex Labs (Canada Domestic only). I am a reseller for this product. I will first give you a short introduction of myself and my other handle on Meso,,, as well as of Dracorex Labs.

    I have been involved in bodybuilding for 30 years, on an off basis and I have gained extensive knowledge on bodybuilding and AAS from researching books and bodybuilding forums. A lot of my research and knowledge has been through this forum for the last 12 years or so. In April of this year,, I joined Meso Rx under the handle of Hacksaw Jim. Instead of asking or taking information,, I came onto this forum with the goal of giving information and advising members on AAS use. I have very much enjoyed getting to know many of you,, as well as sharing my knowledge with many of you,, whether it was on a thread or through personal PMs. Unfortunately, under Meso Rx protocol,, I can not continue to participate in any thread with that handle,, or participate with the Dracorex Labs handle,, due to the fact that resellers, reps and sources are simply not allowed too. It is a means of soliciting business if we do participate in other threads for whatever the reason may be. My other handle now has to permanently remain dormant.

    From reading various post on sources,, I can see that there are numerous members that have been ripped off from sources, or sold contaminated or underdosed gear since meso's inception. I can personally assure you myself,, that will never be the case with Dracorex Labs. We assure you that what is written on our labels is what you will get,, as well as a very clean and PIP free product. I myself,, approached the owner of Dracorex Labs earlier this year and made an offer to sell Dracorex Labs products on Meso. But,, I would only sell Dracorex Labs products under the condition that I would try the products first,, on a lean bulk/cutting cycle. If my results were up to my personal satisfaction,,,, only then would I sell Dracorex Labs products on Meso. The products I have tried thus far have all exceeded my expectations,,, as well,, I have not experienced any PIP from their injectables and I have made the decision to sell Dracorex Labs products on Meso Rx.

    Dracorex Labs was established in August of 2018. Dracorex Labs has had very positive results on one of the top bodybuilding forums in Canada with hundreds of people very happy with our products. I have listed a link to that web site below in the question/answer section below. Due to the solid reputation we have developed, we have decided to expand our products to the Meso Rx community. We offer a very high quality product at a very decent price. The brewers behind the lab have many years of experience in all aspects of brewing a quality product as well as producing/brewing products for other former Canadian labs. Our carrier oil is grape seed oil,, but we will soon transition to MCT oil. Our orals are hard pressed tablets,, which can be cut in half without crumbling. We offer a full line of products and we are very well stocked up on all products. For the time being,, all products at this time are being sold at a discount. Prices for all products will go up by $5 at some point within the next six months . The minimum order at this time is $100. This amount can include the shipping cost. This is intended for you to try the product virtually risk free.

    Now, for security measures, we can not discuss the brewing process, sterilization process used, filtration systems used, etc. Nor can we provide photos of our lab, filters, autoclaves or other brewing equipment,, again,, for security measures,, but we have provided photo's of our vials and tablet sachets. Please see below. We do welcome any member to lab test our products for dosage and purity purposes through a reputable lab testing company.

    Here is our E-mail for correspondence.

    jimdenier at tutanota dot com

    We can only accept E-mail from a tutanota account, protonmail or another secure E-mail account. Also,, please understand that I do have a career and have to work six days a week,, as well,, I have to train at the gym 3 times a week and do standard personal task. I am only able to answer E-mails and questions in this thread once a day.

    Payment. Bitcoin only

    We have constructed a question/answer section of this introduction to answer any inquiry you may have followed by our price list.

    We do encourage you to by the 30ml vials that we carry as this will give you the most bang out of your dollar. For example, a 10ml vial of test E cost $35. A 30ml vial of test E cost $75. This comes out to a cost of $25.00 per 10ml of test E,, as opposed to a regular vial of test E at $35. This comes out to a savings of $10.00 (total $30 savings on the 30ml vial) per 10ml when purchasing the 30ml test E vials.

    Also,, we are offering a $125 credit towards Dracorex products for the first 4 Meso members (with a minimum of 200 post on Meso Rx forum at the time of purchase) to post their results in this thread or in the steroid cycle log section.

    1. Why have you decided to sell Dracorex Labs products on Meso?
    Because just like many of you,, I am sick and tired of buying over priced products from other Canadian Labs. Some Canadian labs are charging an absurb amount of $70 for a vial of Test E. We charge $35 a vial for test E. That is an enormous amount of savings in the long term. Also,, our products are made of the highest quality raws and are made up to professional standards.

    2. What is the carrier oil you use?
    At the moment,, we are using grape seed oil,,, but we are slowly progressing to use MCT oil in all our products.

    3. What format do your orals come it?
    We use only tablets which come in sachets. No capsules whatsoever. All tablets are white in color and split fine with a pill cutter. There is the odd tablet that will leave some minor chipped bits behind when splitting. See photo below. For splitting tablets,, please use a professional pill cutter,, not the dollar store brand.

    4. What is the minimum order?

    Minimum order is $100 total. This can also include the price for shipping. For example, if your buying 2 Test E vials at $35 each,, and you add in the shipping price of $30,, then this would equal to $100. This would be an adequate order to meet the $100 minimum.

    5. What are your payment plans?

    Bitcoin. This is an extremely easy and safe way to pay for products. The bitcoin exchanges, traders, etc will not know what you will be purchasing with bitcoin. For those of you who are not familiar with bitcoin;;;; we encourage you to sign up with an account at one of the web sites I listed below. When signing up for bitcoin account,, you may want to use a standard E-mail account such as hotmail, msn, yahoo etc. A lot of bitcoin sites will not recognize tutanota, protonmail etc. Here are a list of Canadian bitcoin sites that include a wallet and that are easy to use. I have put the sites in order of ease to use. If you have any issue with setting up an account with any of the listed sites (or other sites),, then please let me know and I can try to provide an alternative.


    6. What is the shipping cost and what method do you send out packages?
    Shipping cost is $30 per order. Most times,, packages will be shipped out by expedited post to major towns and cities and xpress post to rural areas. A tracking number is also provided. Please note,, if Canada Post looses your package,, then we can not re-ship your items to you. Also, a signature on your behalf will not be required.

    7. Are you willing to ship products out to the USA or internationally?
    No. We are Canada domestic only. No exemptions to this.

    8. Can you post up any pics of your lab and equipment? As well as your stock of products?
    For security measures, we can not provide photos of our lab, filters, autoclaves or other brewing equipment. But we have provided photo's of some of our products. Please see below. We do welcome any member to lab test our products for dosage and purity purposes through a reputable lab testing company.

    9. Can you discuss your brewing process, sterilization process used, filtration systems used, ect?
    Again, for security measures,, we can not discuss any of the above.

    10. Can you provide any analysis reports on your raws?
    No. Again,, this would just play a role to incriminate us. We do anticipate enormous growth in the next couple years and we just want to be around for a very long time to serve you with superior products at a decent price.

    11. If you can not provide any analysis reports on your raw powders,, then can you provide any references?
    Yes. Dracorex Labs is on one of the top Canadian bodybuilding boards called 'Canadian Brawn'. Here is the direct link to the results members on that board are attaining with Dracorex Labs products.


    12. What is the proper way to lay out an order?
    Lets say you order 3 Anavar sachets, 2 primobolan and 2 Test E,,, then use the format as described below
    3 x anavar $45 each = $135
    2 x primobolan $80 each = $160
    2 x Test E $35 each = $70
    Shipping = $30
    TOTAL = $395

    Here is our price list below,, followed with pictures in subsequent post

    10ML VIALS
    testosterone Base 50mg/ml $30
    Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml $30
    Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml $35
    Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml $35
    Testosterone Decanoate 200mg/ml $35
    Test Enanthate 400 400mg/ml $45
    Test Cypionate 400 400mg/ml $45
    1-Test Cypionate (DHB) 100mg/ml $45
    Sust 250mg/ml $35
    Sust 350mg/ml $50
    Boldenone Base 50mg/ml $35
    Boldenone Undecylenate (EQ) 300mg/ml $50
    Nandrolone Base 50mg/ml $35
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate NPP 100mg/ml $40
    Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) 300mg/ml $50
    masteron Propionate 100mg/ml $45
    Masteron Enanthate 200mg/ml $55
    trenbolone acetate 100mg/ml $45
    Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/ml $55
    Primobolan Enanthate 100mg/ml $80
    Winstrol Oil Base 50mg/ml $35

    Ripper 225mg/ml (75mg each of tren A, mast P, test P) $50
    TMT Blend 375mg/ml (125mg each of tren E, mast E and test E) $60
    DQ Deca/EQ blend 500mg/ml (250mg EQ, 250mg Deca) $60
    TnP Tren Ace/Test P 200mg/ml $60
    TnT Tren E/Test E 400mg/ml $75
    MnP Mast P/Test P 200mg/ml $60
    MnT Mast E/Test E 400mg/ml $75

    30ML VIALS
    Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml $60
    Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml $75
    Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml $75
    Sust 250mg/ml $75
    Sust 350mg/ml $120
    Test Enanthate 400 400mg/ml $105
    Test Cypionate 400 400mg/ml $105
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate NPP 100mg/ml $90

    ORALS (50 TABS)
    Nitro DMAA 25mg preworkout $60
    Superdrol 20mg $45
    Anavar 20mg $45
    Anadrol 50mg $45
    Dianabol 25mg $40
    Halotestin 10mg $80
    Proviron 25mg $45
    turinabol 20mg $45
    Winstrol 25mg $40

    Helios albuterol 4mg, Caffeine 50mg, Yohimbine 7.5mg $65
    Albuterol 4mg $45
    clenbuterol 100mcg/ml (20ml bottle) $45
    Yohimbine 5mg $45

    cialis 20mg $45
    viagra 50mg $45
    Beast Mode 10mg Cialis/25mg Viagra $60

    Accutane 20mg $45

    clomid 50mg $40
    nolvadex 20mg $35
    arimidex 1mg $35
    aromasin 25mg $45
    Femara (letrozole) 3mg $35

    finasteride 5mg $45

    hcg 5000iu $65
    HMG $85
    Bacteriostatic Water USP - 30ml $20

    Mt2 (melatonin) $30
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    Here are some Dracorex pictures
  3. Dracorex Labs - Canada

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    Also,, for a temporary time,, Test oil base, Winstrol oil Base and DHB are out of stock.
    The price above for the DHB is just an approximate price at this time. The price could end up being higher then what was posted in the introduction
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    Prepare for the onslaught
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    Ahhhh shit... here we go. Gonna be a Good Friday!!
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    Hi mate how come posting lab results of your raw materials in incriminating but everything else you posted isnt? i would think any info posted for selling purposes would be incriminating or maybe I am clueless here :confused:
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  7. Welcome. Nice list, bro!

    Whoops, my bad. All this talk of the BoP forum lately has me all messed up. :oops::D

    Thanks for keeping the new source Friday tradition alive. Nice touch.

    Best of luck, i'll be around to see how this plays out and to also get a raincheck so i can return later to talk mad shit. :D:cool:
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    Be forewarned Taureau is a known scammer, he owns canadianbrawn, where he spams new members with his price list for this lab Dracorex that he also owns

    Here’s some stories of his scamming and let it be known he repped for bodytech before this which was known for heavy under dosing and fake growth hormone

    fake vortex from dracorex

    Dracorex and DPO

    I’m willing to pay more for other labs so I know I’m getting accurate doses and not dealing with an info collector that has been accused of working with law enforcement, helps me sleep better at night
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  10. MT2 is melatonin ? Could’ve sworn it was melanotan
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    Good info to have to match their shit intro.
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    Trust us bro, the raws is gud and we know what we doin. Have you seen the reviews????
  13. LVBB

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    @88GENERAL88 your good friend hacksaw Jim is repping this lab ran by a known scammer, what are your thoughts on this?
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    So you can't show us anything or tell us anything about how the product is made and you expect us to just send you our money because of your prices?

    You seem to care about your security so much but shared your previous MESO handle of Jim, with a proton of the name Jim Denier.

    How do we know you can keep up with MESO's orders?

    How do we know you are even selling gear at this point?

    You have shared absolutely nothing that makes us feel comfortable or safe ordering from you.

    Dracorex hasn't been around for a while and all of a sudden we have a reseller with the most competitive prices for Canadian domestic?

    If you are a reseller and you are making profit, this gear would actually be cheaper then this, why is it so cheap?
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    Because Jim is Hacksaw Jim who is Taureau who is the owner of Dracorex who is the owner of canadianbrawn, a paid source board.
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    This has to be a frickin joke.

    We won’t provide you shit, but you have our word that our shit is the shit, so buy our shit, eh!

    Even Venom posted up his “brew” tent, complete with anal beads!
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    He posted a link to his own board @Millard Baker now prospective clients can just bypass the meat grinder here and go to his paid source board to purchase it. Is this not against the rules?
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    Yes. All links to third-party websites must be coded. Active "clickable" hyperlinks will also be prohibited. Posts that violate rule #2 are subject to deletion.

    For example:

  19. Ooh ooh, while you're here, leme ask.
    In the underground, can i post an active link to another thread within Meso or do i have to code that too?
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    Internal links (links to other MESO pages/threads) are always permitted :)
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