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    The prerequisite is to be uppity...
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  2. Villain

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    Bunch of uppity mfers up in this place.
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    Don’t be getting all uppity now
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  4. Jjay

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    Hey now, that’s MY line pal!
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    You're quite uppity today
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    Watch your uppity mouth!
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    All you guys are uppity
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    Oh hello there, Miss Kettle!
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    Hey there you big villainous one.
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  12. rolexbelaphonte

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    What’s the deal with the 10% off not working and also shipping jumping up to $100?
  13. Jjay

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    100 for shipping!?
  14. tattscp35

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    No way $100 international during these times?
  15. Mautrak

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    Here's an update on this; reship confirmation on 3/8, tracking code generated in 3/12, product shipped in 3/23 and arrived in 4/22.


    This order was originally created in 01/13 so with the reship T/A for me was 101 days.

    Even with everything I still recommend DragonOrdnance as a source because even with all the shit I gave him on this thread he reshipped me my shit and I received it. I will continue ordering more from him in the future.
  16. tauras66

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    Thank you Lord Jesus for the update...last few pages of thread was getting a lil.....JUST A LIL Cringeworthy......:oops::oops::oops::rolleyes::rolleyes:...maybe get back on track now......
  17. S317

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    101 days? There is no way I’d ever order from a source that took that long.
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  18. pessoalbls

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    Just received information from @DragonOrdnance that his carriers have stopped shipping to my country (Brazil). The deal was already paid, of course, but I am not in a hurry to have the raws.
    I understand the shitty moment of the planet.

    He was fast to inform me of the problem and offered me money back if I could not wait. I preffer waiting for a while hoping the situation will change. Just decided to write this in here to inform you guys of mine and to follow up the other deals.;)
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  19. Villain

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  20. S317

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    Curious to see what happens. He’s good at making promises then if you get anything it’s 100days later
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