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    I'll take it!

    Sorry about the shipping time man. Shipping has been hard in the pandemic, but everything is resuming to normal seemingly. Can't tell for the future, though. I believe there will be more delays if countries open up too early and we get somewhat of a second wave.

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  2. S317

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    I thought the Chinese pandemic was your shipping time
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  4. DragonOrdnance

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    Does this mean kung flu time?

    Haven't shipped much to Brazil recently, but all my Brazilian customers in March-April did receive packages within a month.
  5. Mithypote

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    How long on average is the order in '' Preparing package ''?
  6. DKarrion

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    Part of my order has arrived. DHL has been super fast (Little more than a week), packaging very good. It remains to hope to be able to train again and test it after a few months.
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  7. pessoalbls

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    I did not. Ordered from you in april, 25. You said there was some problem with the shipping here.

    I will contact you on wickr with the order number and then i update here;)
  8. S317

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    Holy shit. Over a month?
  9. pessoalbls

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    I am from Brazil. For Shit to arrive here is just like that indeed. Not his fault at all. Never ordered raws, from anyone, to arrive in less than a month. So this is not his fault, just the perks of living here. :p

    I usually laugh when I see the dudes angry because of a couple days delay :D:D:D

    So just to update the topic, @DragonOrdnance contacted me and my order is already on the way. It was just a update mistake on the website i could not see the code and forgot to ask him about it, everything in order here.

    Thanks for the update @DragonOrdnance.
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  10. DragonOrdnance

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    No problem man, glad to have it solved for you!
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    Uppity mfer
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    can u believ this guy?
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  13. Kilowhiskey82

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    What is international raws turn around time. Before pandemic it was EXACTLY 17 DAYS from order to arrival mid-east coast. Are we anywhere back to normal and what is the seizure rate? Same, worse?
  14. Bloathog

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    Mine has been in transit for 59 days... Pandemic has things really messed up!
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    @Bloathog I ordered from another vendor 2 days before I ever heard the term CoronaVirus. $1000 still in the wind. It may be easier to get it pushed through at the moment in the aftermath, I had hoped anyway. THanks for input, cheers.
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  16. Kilowhiskey82

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    How good are the blacktops? Any testimonials or lab work done on them?
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    People are still waiting on them from last year. DO is legit we just all have to be patient and hey even if he sends out the wrong products when he does get badgered enough to ship atleast he sent something. We’re just all lucky he’s here to take our money
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    @DragonOrdnance Can I ask what oil/solvent/sterility agent do you use for your International Injectables? In other words what do your injectables contain apart from the raw ester. Thank you.
  19. Bootybeaver

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  20. DragonOrdnance

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    We're returning to normal it seems so far. All newer and newer packages have been arriving earlier than the one before, so it seems improving. But with the US having a spike in covid cases right now, a lot of medical demand has put a strain on airliners here again. Not sure if this is going to result in delayed times again.

    We have bloodwork on em in other forums, and I believe one here back a few pages. Not sure if I can mention which forums, though. They're in the sub banner(s) of our website.

    Caber raws are tricky my man. No one needs a gram of caber, and its hella expensive. Just not worth it for me to stock.

    They're made with GSO, BB/BA. Plain and simple. Higher concentrated doses do have supersolvents.