Dragon Ordnance

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  1. ickyrica

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    How so?
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  2. DragonOrdnance

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    I sent those. On Reddit the only trusted lab to test any products was/is Jano. I understand here he isn't seen in the same light so I refrained from posting those, but thats all I have.
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  3. Grandpa Gainz

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    Nice catch. I didn’t see that.
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  4. Robfromga

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    Why meso?
    Why this weak ass post?
    Did you think this would be easy?
    You STILL haven't showen anything but mylar bags on a shelf that's the same as panda and Mk. I can post a pic of mylar bags... Am I a source?

    Did you not follow what happened to the other members of the Chinese mafia this week? Did you think that you're smarter than the other Chinese mafia guys?
  5. tengtren

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    I've used panda and I've used Dragon

    Panda sources on sst, Dragon sources on sst. First of all it wouldn't make since, second they have different products, thirdly dragons gh is better. And if dragon was mk/panda you'd think the latter would offer what they have right?

    Also panda isn't looked at as such a fuck up on sst and he is here so there's no need for a "new" rebrand. Besides dragons been around to long to be a "panda rebrand"
  6. SweetTooth

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    Only the top and bottom of monkeys were cardboard. We see neither the top or bottom in Dragons picture.
  7. How can you assure that?
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  8. AnTabolic73

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    All these raw guys are just middle men. The fact that the packaging looks the same doesnt really surprise me.

    The shelves on the other hand.

    But good luck. I'll let everyone take care of the vetting. I'll chime in when I see fit.

    The way I go about using a source. They need a little bit of time with good enough track record before I consider them.

    I wish the old sst archives werent gone. I could look into your Greenward history. The fact that you admit that's your old labs name leads me to believe that you didnt change names because of some huge fuckup.

    But I could be wrong. I'll look into it.
  9. DragonOrdnance

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    I responded to why Meso earlier.
    You think my post is weak? damn dude.. I put my heart and soul into that lol. I may not have gotten great grades in ENC1101/1102, but damn.

    I posted some testing above as well. I'm not Chinese, I'm partly hispanic and greek.
  10. ickyrica

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    Have you ever heard of a diversified portfolio? Also, please go and look at @MisterSuperGod post with the same damn shelving pictures. Literally the exact same.
  11. Would Panda give up on Monkey King this quickly? What about his fancy vials? Lmfao
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  12. AnTabolic73

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    His arent cardboard either . To me it Looks like wood with a piece of cardboard just on that top shelf.
  13. Where are your dragon head vials?
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  14. tengtren

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    Dragon Ordinance is not new
  15. ickyrica

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    People get so psyched up for a "sure thing". Can't see the forrest....
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  16. DragonOrdnance

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    You're not wrong in a sense. I don't manufacture my own raws. I wish I did, I'd be a billionaire.

    They aren't gone - you can find some SST pages on the Wayback machine site.
  17. ickyrica

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    No one said he is new. You do know General motors owns more than one brand if vehicles, right?
  18. DragonOrdnance

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    If only.. I'm not as rich as my competitors man. I live comfortably, but not THAT comfortably.
  19. AnTabolic73

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    How long they been around?
  20. burkeen

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    Look closer, 2 diffrent types of Wood, look How the Wood falls.
    Brigter Wood has rounder lines while darker got straight lines.