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  1. Shyster

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    So you're going to email a few customers? How long do you keep your customers information?
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  2. DragonOrdnance

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    I like that fucking analogy. 10/10 lol.

    I've been on SST since September of last year. About three months before the ban.
  3. Robfromga

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    That's extremely weak.
    Are you listening? No one here gives a FUCK about your heart. As a matter of fact fuck your heart. You're not here for some love affair ,you're here to make money . Period .

    So you still didn't reply . Clearly you didn't research shit here
    Clearly you haven't paid one bit of attention
    You posted a pic of mylar bags and a lab from a shitty tester, he's a proven scammer, labeled "OA" which is exactly how the raws come labeled from the source. He faked those tests .

    Get your shit together .
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  4. Only dick pics would confirm that, right @MonkeyKingAnabolic?

    And no, don't post any!
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  5. Grandpa Gainz

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    Gotta say it. Post girlfriends tits with meso on them. Can’t be three sets of titties that look exactly the same. Haha.
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  6. DragonOrdnance

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    Being small, I know every customer with a sort of personal relationship. As I said "Some" because I don't know every single one who's tested - but the ones I know are a simple Wickr chat away.
  7. TRT

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    I can vouch for that comment.
  8. Roger rabbit

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    Why do you choose to operate with a website?
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  9. Robfromga

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    Because that's the Chinese mafias business model
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  10. DragonOrdnance

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    Having over 200+ products in a pastebin is a clusterfuck. It works for small sources, having 12-20 products which aren't ordered in the 100s quantity.

    I'm very big on customer experiences (its my field actually) and its super annoying for a customer to have to multiply and add up his own orders while a website can have all that done for him in mere seconds, with everything in a searchbar's reach. One could argue he could just control+f and search and multiply himself, but the average customer today is lazy.

    Plus, it looks pretty and I think gives me a tone of professionalism.

    EDIT: I also forgot to add security. Being with all my servers in either Singapore/Russia/China with encryption, there is no breach of information for the customer. Some people just don't have a proton/tuta, and the website makes sure that isn't an issue.
  11. Robfromga

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    This one's dead .
    Dude's not already doing what he says he's doing
    His only proof is Jano and mylar bags . Along with one member,who's only track record is positive posts in the ppl thread.

    Whole thing smells like bullshit.

    Chinese mafia dude's, we want to buy your shit...we don't want to get ripped off or go-to jail. Fix your shit .
  12. Robfromga

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    Professionalism would be actual proof of goods and NOT using Jano .
  13. DragonOrdnance

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    I have proof of goods. You're right - the mylar bags might JUST be empty. But who's to say the product isn't just sugar, if I show you a ziplocked bag? Then you'd say why am I keeping them in plastic transparent bags under direct light.

    I understand Jano is not liked here. But he is the only source of approval in SST, so those are the tests I currently have.

    You don't have to like me - you just have to tolerate me.
  14. TRT

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    Did you post titty pics yet? I might have missed that. To many people posting at once.
  15. tengtren

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    You referring to me? I've said this before. I PURCHASED from panda once. Had a bad experience. I WON a contest and posted in that thread about the stealth which was good that's all. I don't USE panda and I don't give positive post there, you've misinterpreted my posts there

    Maybe seems like that because of the cbs bullshit that happened, I wasn't in on it with the rep I was defending myself to cbs at the same time the rep was going at it with him

    "Only track record"
  16. TRT

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    But your willing to pay for our testing if we get your shit tested by someone we trust?
  17. DragonOrdnance

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    One of my clients was nice enough to share his Jano testing of my raws with you guys, and he's okay with his email being on show.

    They're more recent than the ones I have, thats for sure.

    exemestanearomasinreport02175.png oxandroloneanavarreport02174.png testosteronecypionatereport02176.png testosteroneenanthatereport02171.png turinabolreport02173.png
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  18. DragonOrdnance

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    I'm willing to give store credit - yes. If your tests come out in a negative light, then yes. I'll reimburse your full costs.
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  19. Robfromga

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    I don't have to tolerate you.
    You don't sell less than a kilo?
    All you've done is deflect and try to interject feeling's, which is a panda /MK move .
  20. @janoshik how do you determine purity of any given raw material, and if you determine that x sample is 98% pure, what comprises the remaining 2% that isn't pure?
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