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    Actually yes: they have dicks.

    What do you do with their dicks?
    A. You like to stare at their dicks
    B. You stroke them
    C. You suck them
    D. You ride them (up your ass)
    E. All of the above

    If you want someone who looks, dresses and talks like a girl why don't you just get a real girl?

  2. DragonOrdnance

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  3. Too bad he's an immigrant from an inferior country that no longer exists. i'd have voted for him.
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  4. master.on

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    Are you into ladyboys yes or no?
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  5. Sakuraba

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    Any word on when serostim will be in stock?
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  6. tubesox

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    What do you mean by semi finished injectables
  7. LeoTC

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    Because you want one with an outtie, that won't refuse to give up the butt.

    Alternatively, you want someone more appealing to look at while tag teaming said real girl than Brady Broseff.

    I mean, I could keep throwing all kinds of scenarios out there really.

    Why do you like chocolate ice-cream over vanilla?
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    It usually means brewed but not filtered. They can put the product in different containers that helps get through customs and it’s cheaoer but you’re responsible for filtering it.
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  9. Any primo a reviews
  10. DragonOrdnance

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    Think we had a primo E purity test earlier in the thread, if it helps you.
  11. Miluhknees

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    Made an order of x3 PT141 and x2 hcg 5000iu.

    Received 5 vials all with the same blue tops so I have no idea which is which. Pretty lame.
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    That fuckin sucks man!

    Wtf @DragonOrdnance o_O
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    Right? Fml. Anyone want some unidentified blue tops? Lol
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  14. DragonOrdnance

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    Yeah thats my bad mate. We have little identifiers here and there though, so I'll identify em for you.
  15. bolder

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    Tag him or reply to his post bro! o_O

    That way you know he sees your response. ;)

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    So I’m not quite sure how true the whole identifier thing is... can anyone else that has ordered through dragon let me know if their peptides ever had any identifiers? I’ve made two orders now with a total of 4 different compounds from dragon and -zero- of them have -any- visible identifiers...
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    What about the ladyboys question?
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    How is his generic hgh ? Anyone here tried it ?
  19. Fire.
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    Is your message directed at me ?