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    Winterpharm is actually a good source. I've bought primo raws from Dragon about 6 months ago. Never got it tested but its' what I run when I cruise. Hope things go well for you @DragonOrdnance
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    LOL. I processed those reports just a little while ago.

    It's standard practice in the industry to not claim values over 98%, due to the margin of error.

    Purity assessment is done by HPLC/DAD analysis.
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    So how long does your website hold information?

    The problem with website, even though you feel secure about what you have in place is things can be mirrored to collect customer information.
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    True, anything can be broken. Customer's information is only retained when they enter it and is passed along the vendor through the back office. At moment of received goods, its not seen anymore by anyone. But if the customer chooses to have his address saved, it will be saved to his account.

    Customers also have the ability to instantly delete their account and everything (including orders) will be wiped from the system. A killswitch, if you want to call it that.
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    That system you just described, please detail the exact program used for such a website
    What security measures are in place to prevent your employees from capturing users info
    What security measures does your site have, do not say it's secure....list the exact measures . If you cannot, who designed your website, ask them?
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    There are that many aids patients selling their shit ?
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    Everything I have stored on the website is in MYSQL Enterprise Encryption. How it works, I don't know.
    My developer(s) are HIPAA compliant and have used the enterprise system of the MYSQL server to encrypt it using RSA, and are only decrypted using the private key pairs provided.

    I have no employees. It's only me.
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    You'd be surprised. As I'm told by an old friend of mine, the patients are only provide the serostim due to muscle wasting. But with the medication patients take nowadays, the HGH isn't really needed at all. Plus, as he puts it, the patients who sell their kits are junkies and need their fix. Win Win situation. We need our GH fix, they need their fix.
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    Oh ya dude.
    Like he said most are junkies which also makes it dangerous.
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    Your words. You say "they" and "passed along" . We don't expect you to do everything. That's not humanly possible .
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    How are his Generics, you like?
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    Yeah, don't have any bloods though

    Will report on his nords soon
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    I guess I'm late to the party.
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    Who is winterpharm? They have a handle here I see with zero posts. And this is the only person to provide testing results @DragonOrdnance? From Jano?
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    I'm a source on SST.
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  16. The gangs all here. Who wants to sell me top gearz?
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    He is a source on SST.
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    I take it you plan to move to meso? You've had you handle since October.
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    Great more SST labs....