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  1. With his hex and cjccjc12and mk. Mk brought me up the equivalent of 2.5iu daily. Used that for baseline. 2iu gh for 5 weeks brought me up another 2 iu. With hex and cjc1295 preworkout 100mcg each. Cjc1295 near bedtime with mk and 2iu of gh. Bro...the gains and pumps are fuck8ng crazy. BLOOD WORK SOON. ALL HIS SHITS LEGIT. Earlier this year his cyp at 800 a week brought my t levels to 4200. E2 and lipids good to go. Not a huge increase if rbl slightly elevated die to EQ 2 .5 weeks ago. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you mate, really appreciate it
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    I can’t believe you would post your face publicly on something that is tied to illegal substances.
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  5. Dragon ordnance tren a hex cjc1295 gh 10 week prep
  6. I fucki g thought it pasted the edited copy as a TV thumbnail. Cant fucking delete
  7. How do I fucking fix it? Pray?
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  11. Test was at 2900 not 4200 on this current lab work. 4200 was at midway through prep
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    Anybody heard from Dragon? He’s been super quiet lately. No wickr reply’s or email replys.
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    Maybe he's wondering whether he should come out online or not.
    Not an easy decision, please be patient with him.
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    Jeez, whats wrong with liking ladyboys man? As long as you dont kiss em whats gay bout it

    @rolexbelaphonte here
  15. Like the old saying goes:
    "In the dark, a hole is just a hole." - Richard Nixon
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  16. received_1109844265868786.png
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    Um, the fact that they have a dick?
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    Checking on an order. Got an email that says it shipped but it’s still showing “preparing package” on site. I’m confused.