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    Breaking through with DMT through a glass Vapor Genie will blow anything else away ;)

    35mgs and up I am greeted by entities...
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    I'm a DMT boy. Shrooms give me a huge bodyload, and both shrooms and acid are way too long for my taste. But with DMT I can enjoy myself for 5-10 minutes in a zone where it'd take a metric ton of shrooms/acid and it's over before the dread of it settles in.

    I've heard from a couple of friends its pretty easy and non sketchy to get the mimosa and all in your home. I'm not sure though, I regularly buy it off DNM. Not too hard to find my man, especially if you got bitcoin already for roids. We're talking 70$ for a gram. I'll tell you where/what seller if you contact me.

    I don't talk much about it since I feel like it damages my reputation in a forum like this, buying from some "faggot hippie" or someshit, but I realize now I already made myself in the eyes of meso an autistic faggot, so how bad can it get
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    Even coke and heroin have a relatively lower priority than fent does, they say.

    First ladyboys, now rec drugs?
    You're going into a downward spiral, ya know?
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    Hey guys,

    So today I woke up finding a peculiar wickr message from user “prettydruggie” attempting to extort money(2.5 BTC) from me. He claims to have a full dump list of passwords, emails and customer information, without showing hard evidence.

    Its impossible - as our website regularly updates and deletes information once people receive their orders. We only save your account information.

    It has occurred to me that even if he posts a fake dumplist of customer emails and addresses, I wont be able to disprove him and ultimately lose the faith of the community. So its a lose lose situation, and I decided to strike first.

    And in the words of the great Vladimir Putin,
    "Russia doesn't negotiate with terrorists. It destroys them."

    Here is a few screenshots.

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    I hope your confidence in your website isn’t unfounded.
  6. TX_Hempknight

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    Dang. And i just recommended him to a ASF buddy.

    Probably just sak/tbol king at it again.
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    The guy is basically begging you to pay him
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    Damn bro I just ordered from you lol. I think he's on bullshit . Anyways i just made a little order for my first time i sent a message with my order saying " from a meso ". I was going to order with panda as i have before but they where out of letro. I seen your post on meso so i gave you a shot.
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    Well, now the fda has your info. Lmao.
  10. DragonOrdnance

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    and the NSA, CIA, big five, whatever else this guy wants to threaten you with. And if you're outside the country? Checkmate, MI5 has your stuff.

    Prepare to get james bonded.
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  12. little

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    This guy just watched the most recent ex gear king interview with nick trickgili about gh15

    Fake or he would have just straight fucked with your site and intercepted orders and emails
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  13. T-Bagger

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    I’m sure somewhere, some source or sources have paid this jackass. Shame.
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  14. Can't tell if he's Indian or Chinese. i was waiting for him to call you "very bad man" so i could be sure, but he didn't.

    Can't make the call this early, but we do have a wannabe extortionist running around Meso. Not sure if they're one and the same. If it is, he's just a lazy bum that's full of hot air and will abandon this charade for a new, but equally stupid one in a week or two.
  15. DragonOrdnance

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    Think he's polish. He's sent me a bunch of sketchy links as well, which I did not click. But as for anyone out there, please do not click on any links sent by anyone.

    Even if they say its a bad bitch.(you can find many of them on IG)
  16. master.on

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    1 Why don't you pay him with female hormone tainted raws?
    2 alright sent it bro
    Did you pay?
    3 He now accepts 0.7 BTC, how much is that worth?

    Be careful
    He'll disguise himself as a ladyboy
    to grab you by the balls
    ...with his sharp teeth :D:eek:

    South Carolina Threesome Goes Very Wrong
    Calgary Teen Threatens To Bite Off Penis To Stop Being Raped From Muslim Men

    You can just write down the links on a piece of paper, then go to an Internet cafe to see what's it all about.
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  17. ickyrica

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    this the answer to a scammer 100% of the time. No money, just estro. I like it
  18. If i read those screenshots correctly, he did pay... $2.
    Now that's fucking funny!
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  19. DragonOrdnance

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    Yeah, I did pay $2.
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    Yeah he is just a loser scammer. Crazy!