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    I dont want to turn this thread into this, but wtf is up with muslim men always gang raping young girls/boys women/men. Cant have pork but they can gang rape kids? Dafuq. I read about it all the time in canada, european countries, muslim countries obviously. Time for a fucking crusade.
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    Yet they supposedly throw gays off of buildings and execute them. Apparently there is a saying among the Muslims that “women are for childbearing, young boys are for pleasure” or something sick and twisted like that.
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    Yeah, Ive read the same. :oops:

    The hypocrisy though. Cant bang a grown adult male or they'll kill you, but a young boy is fair game."o_O

    Anything to do with kids like that should be immediate castration by rusty knife followed by chaining them doggy style in the prison showers. :mad: Alabama definately has the right idea by chemically castrating pedo inmates upon release.
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    Had a friend from Iran. His 16 year old cousin was part of a rebellious group over there. The government captured her. Really it’s not a government, but church officials in high standing that create the “laws.” Well, they sentenced her to death for going against the church...

    Except there was one problem, it’s against their religion to execute a virgin. So they raped her. Then they executed her and sent her family a bill for the cost of the bullet.

    Yeah, Islam is not exactly a religion... it’s a governing system under the guise of religion that needs to be kept in check by the rest of the world and ultimately abolished.
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    Agree with all but calling it “the church.” While Christianity has had its bad moments (namely via catholicism), Islam cannot be confused with a church or Christian terms. It’s definitely a political ideology under the guise of religion and needs wiped out. Nothing pissed me off more than hearing Bush Jr call it a peaceful religion because that suddenly became the in thing to say. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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    As much as I agree with you guys, I want to remind you that don't pass all muslims as the same. Even though I hear of all this on the news and shit, a few homies back home in my town are great people. But who knows, they may be the minority. I'm not well versed in this at all to judge any of them, besides what I see on the news.
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    I get what you’re saying but their “holy” book commands the murder of Christians, Jews and infidels who refuse to convert. The progressive revelation of the Quran went from being peaceful to being murderous, instructing the followers to deceive in order to quietly infiltrate.
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    Call this rhetoric, but I believe there’s a ton of truth here
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    @DragonOrdnance , has there been recent purity tests on your raws posted anywhere? I don't give a shit if the purity isn't 99+%; I'd just like to know so I can adjust for it.

    Would this be better to discuss through email?
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    Keep it all here for everyone to see.
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  12. Been trying to figure out what your avatar is. i see a twisted bowel or an abstract vagina. Am i even close here?
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    lol, no, not a vagina. It is a fractal art image titled, "muscle knot"
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    Looks like a twisted rectum or an extreme close up of one. Hope it’s a female rectum!
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    Theres extremists in all religions. Zionists, debout christians, satanists, etc. I was only commenting on the article that @master.on posted and it reminded me of all the rapes going on in sweden and other european countries that have allowed an influx of refugees. I had no intention of making it a muslim bashing thread.

    We can talk about other extremists as well if you like to even it out. Mormons....get your damn bike out of my fucking way and why would you want more than 1 wife? I have a big enough headache with one. Give me a wife and a couple of slutty girlfriends, Lmao. zionists, whats with the taking over countries banking, schooling and media outlets? Satanists, whats up with the rape and killing of kids and why would you let the clintons hang out with you? Theyre extremely bad for your image. Lmao. :rolleyes::p
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    It’s the inside of a vagina with a twist

    It’s a vaginal canal brother don’t kid yourself
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  17. That rant, fucking delivered.
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    Balloon knot. Got it.
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    Dragn Ordinance.. My I can not log in to your website to check on my order can you help me out?
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    first time messing with bitcoin. tried ordering isotretinoin from you but im now realizing i need to use bitcoin and not a credit card. i bought bitcoin after googling a bit but apparently i can't use it til nearly 2 weeks from now so i can't make that 2 day deadline to pay