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    Thats alright fam, you can always make a new order.

    Can you email me? We can send you a reset link internally. but you gotta email me, or else I wont know who you are
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    Yeah theres been a few tests on SST. If you guys need, I can send off a few raws to purity tests in a HPLC lab I use in China for my raws, but I'm not sure if you guys want me testing it or you mean a customer testing them.
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    I was just looking for purity numbers so I could get more exact dosing when I make caps. Up to you if you want to send it off but I'll just treat everything as 98% which should be close enough for my needs. If you already had the tests done or posted up somewhere I'd go off that but no worries man, I'll use what I can from SST

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    Do you test every single batch you buy?
    How big is a typical batch?

    Supposing you buy 5 Kg batches,
    and supposing testing costs $300 per run
    that's a mere 6 cents per gram ($300 / 5,000 grams)

    Quite a bargain considering you can easily spot a defective batch and get your money back from the main supplier ASAP, instead of waiting to get lost of dissatisfied customers.

    Hint: pour the batch contents in a larger drum and rotate to mix them well, in case they pour lower quality raws on the bottom, and the top quality raws on the top of the drum where you would usually collect the sample for testing.
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    I test every batch I buy. Batches last a while. I'd never trust a factory 100%, even when they provide the testing.

    Also, testing here is cheap. 10$ per compound.
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    I guess your $2 BTC transaction wasn’t such a great idea after all, eh @DragonOrdnance? Lol
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    $10 is way too cheap.
    They're probably cutting some corners when testing.
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    It’s China
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    Just how it is. Bulk testing, though. So minimum spent is 300$.
    My 2$ bought us our freedom from the polish hacker. But I resolved those who cant login issues. Website regularly deletes someone's account after a certain time of inactivity.
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