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  2. What the fuck, you mean I actually have to do the shit I learned in school?
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    interesting. well everything seems fine then?
    was planning on placing another order within the next week or 2. last order went great
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    FWIW I'll put my experience with DO out there. I've ordered 4 or 5 times through him. All turk pharma. I've always received my orders when sent dhl within 5 days of purchase. Full honesty, twice now a pack had missing items. Reached out to him and he had the missing items sent within a day or two.

    The mans even went out of his way to procure me some items he did not have in stock. I couldn't have been happier.

    With regards to this "security breech," I'm not fully sure what to make of it. I got a notification about the pastebin being posted. My address was not on the list, but I did not have time to check for my email before the post was removed. I also don't share passwords or account names between sites or emails and I havent lost access to anything.

    I know I'm not some well known poster here, but just sharing my experience with everyone.
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    Same experience here. Emailed DO and he had the missing shit sent out the next day. DO runs a damn good business.
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    Is reshipping much safer than buying international In other words, has it been worth it for anyone who bought from him or panda?
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    Any time you can avoid dealing with customs, it’s worth it... presuming you’re placing a big enough order and the reship doesn’t cost more than the original order.
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    What's the wait at customs NYC these days.

    Has said, "USJFKA, Arrival at inward office of exchange" for 4 days now, starting to get nervous...

    USPS says "Processed Through Facility
    ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)" same exact time, which falsely made me think they already cleared...

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    Never had luck ordering from DO. Twice received unlabeled vials so I couldn’t tell what compounds were in what vial. Said he’d refund me in store cred, took a week between replies to get back to me just about every time. Finally made the order with the store credit I had received and never received my order. Sent a message days ago and haven’t received a reply. Not doing business with him and no longer interested in playing email tag. Sometimes just gotta take your losses in this game.
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    Sucks I guess when you get so big a few negatives are expected. Who knows. Shouldn’t be that way tho
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    His Tutanota email has not worked in a while, I was having the same contact problem until I started using his Protonmail address. Don't know your situation, but chances are that's your prob I bet.
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    Fuckin NEVERMIND!!! Arrived locally 5min ago, delivered TOMORROW. FYI from order until delivery was right at 2 weeks. EXACTLY 5 hours shy of that to be precise! We'll I better get to bed, gonna be a busy bee in the AM.
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    Is this legit? Can you PM me/email me at my Protonmail? Are you the guy I gave $100 worth of store cred to? I'm pretty sure we shipped your stuff and I recall an email confirming
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    I've dealt with DO a few times now and everything has went well.

    He's always answered my questions in a prompt timeframe. He's generally up in this thread fixing issues.

    The raws I've gotten are consistent with how they're supposed to smell and look like etc.

    He's never come at me in an insulting way or anything like that and I gotta keep my loyalty with that type of business.
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    Today you're going a receive an email with your address
  16. That'll come in handy in case he ever forgets where he lives. Good idea.
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    Ah man this got me laughing
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    Ehh don’t let one bad review change your opinion entirely. DO is a stand up guy and always has been. I’ve seen him ship free shit to people for their birthdays lol, and he’s always done right by me.

    Maybe he did fuck up that dudes situation, but shit happens and I’d honestly be surprised if he didn’t end up resolving it with him.

    I am no shill, but DO has been a great source for myself and plenty of other people I know. :)

    @DragonOrdnance if you did fuck his order up then I hate u and I’m going back to panda. Hell I’ll use LMC just to piss you off lmao.
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    Customers who have a negative overall experience just haven't reached out to me so I can resolve them. As to begin with, they shouldn't have a negative experience, but I make mistakes.
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    Say it ain’t so...
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