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    You are a NEW source... and yet another raws dealer I might add. You shit should have been tight from the get go.

    And then YOU fucked up... and it’s our fault for not getting back in touch with the fucker upper? How about you take responsibility and get shit right the first time. You are mailing out a fucking baggie with powder bro... this ain’t no damn “operation...”

    Didn’t you say you were going to bounce?
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  2. DragonOrdnance

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    Would you rather have me not be honest, and say I don't make mistakes? If I make mistakes, I can't track them down. My shit is "tight", as you can see earlier posters have no problems, and are happy.

    To say a source should be 100% mistake free is saying everybody is perfect, which is simply impossible. New or old, its not improbable. I'm not new. I have thousands of clients, and while the chance that someone is missing one box of accutane from our turkish pharmacy is low, it will happen eventually.

    But just for you bro, I make no mistakes.
  3. T-Bagger

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    Hey - I only made a sarcastic comment knowing full well you make mistakes! You need to address that passive/aggressive reply to @Sdryx!
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  4. Sdryx

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    Blaming the customer for calling you out...

    That’s the same thing when my weed dealer shorts me a few grams. Sure I can go back for it... but that’s shitty business and shady as fuck requiring me to find YOUR mistakes... then you go off on this board as if it was OUR fault... :rolleyes:

    Instead of blaming us for your fuckups... own it. Make your process better. Double check your shit and lose the attitude towards your customers.
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  5. DragonOrdnance

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    I'm not blaming anyone, and if I post about it and say its my fault, its "owning it" dog. Not sure I understand where you're going.o_O

    @T-Bagger I'm just trying to set things straight. We try our best not to short anyone, but when I rely on 2 different suppliers, its out of my hands when my turkish supplier sent you 60mg/30 tabs of nolvadex instead of 30mg. But we fix it, with a cherries ontop (expenses on me) which is the right thing to do.
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    if youre ordering a sandwich from subway and you ask for mayonnaise and you notice the worker didnt put mayonnaise even though you asked its your job to ask again.. its not your fault there isnt mayonnaise on it but the person clearly forgot. u ever work a job before bro?
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    This isn’t some fucking sandwich flopped together by a 16 year old... This is an international drug smuggler... These aren’t chicken sandwiches here.

    Shitty analogy. Let your drug dealer speak for themselves...
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    Packs been stuck in customs for past two weeks... anyone had a similar experience and the pack came through?

  9. Yeah actually. I had a package sit there for a month. Lazy fucks! I ended up getting it. Just kept getting looked over is my guess.

    I Never got a notification either, it just showed up one day. When I looked at the tracking it still said in customs, yet I was holding the fucking thing in my hands. They're not the brightest people over in customs...
  10. Oldschool

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    Ssshhh. If they figure that out they might change it up. :D

    In reality most government employees are just punching the clock and could give two shits.

    Still good to be on your game though.
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  11. hvsomchacniwilkms

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    theyre professions is what they are and to a sandwich maker making a sandwich is the same as smuggling drugs is to a drug smuggler. world makes a lot more sense once you realize this. you gotta fight for your rights if youre gonna act like help me help you isnt a thing?
  12. Professional sandwich makers?

    That's a stretch. They probably tell the pimply faced kids they hire to please refrain from licking the glass on the sneeze guard.

    Bad analogy, but i do see your point of view.
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  13. hvsomchacniwilkms

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    im basically just saying a job is a job and no job is immune to mistakes. a surgeon fucks up and someone dies. a sandwich maker fucks up and ruins some dudes lunch. a pusher forgets an item and a user is dry. not sure how thats bad but whatever as long as the point gets across.

    different levels of jobs have different consequences but nonetheless the consequences exist
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  14. ronpaek100

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    Anyone heard from @DragonOrdnance recently? Sent him an email about my order no response back yet, been almost a week since order was placed
  15. ItsDaBoii

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    Yeah same
  16. DragonOrdnance

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    Hey man this past week has been China’s anniversary, so if you haven’t seen movement in your package it’s due to that. We’re back at work now but things will be slow as everyone is trying to jam packages in the courier office.
  17. ronnie12

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    Hi guys, so ive ordered twice off dragon. Both times orders have been seized. First time he was good and reshipped asap. This time my pack has been in customs for 13 business day. Ive done the right thing how he wants people to contact him through email before going on meso and i did exactly that weeks ago and he responded slowly and basically has dragged on reshipping my order. Nothint has been shipped. Gave me two trackings that do not work. Now im from the land down under and most likely if a pack does not leave customs max 7 days. They caught it. Anyway thats my part.
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  18. ronpaek100

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    Alright, thanks for responding and letting me know, hopefully I see some movement in my order by next week.
  19. ItsDaBoii

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    Yeah same i hope he responds to my email soon
  20. ronnie12

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    Hi everyone, as of today...the reship tracking i was given says item is being sent from destination. That is if this is my actual tracking/package. Now i will keep updates and will be honest. I have no hate or anything negative towards @DragonOrdnance. So lets hope everything is back on track. My previous supplier not once a package(3 years with them) got intercepted and im from the land down under.