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Dragon Ordnance

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by DragonOrdnance, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. DragonOrdnance

    DragonOrdnance Member Supporter

    Hey, could you email me again? Don’t have any emails let unresponded to
  2. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Oh okay will do that
  3. hvsomchacniwilkms

    hvsomchacniwilkms Junior Member

    you get your stuff yet? or a shipping email at least?
  4. ronpaek100

    ronpaek100 Junior Member

    Nope, Order was placed 1 and half weeks ago and order still says preparing package no shipping email or any sort yet and haven't gotten an email back that I asked about my order.
  5. hvsomchacniwilkms

    hvsomchacniwilkms Junior Member

    ya same.. site is still up though but just not hearing anything
  6. Giveitago

    Giveitago Member Supporter

    Isn’t it Chinese holiday?
  7. DragonOrdnance

    DragonOrdnance Member Supporter

    Yes it was. Chinese National holiday, 70th anniversary.
    It ended yesterday. All orders should be updated. Sorry guys!
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  8. ronpaek100

    ronpaek100 Junior Member

    Yes I can confirm, order does show confirmation now that it was shipped now
  9. Bloathog

    Bloathog Junior Member

    Had good communication via Wickr.
  10. ronnie12

    ronnie12 Junior Member

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  11. hvsomchacniwilkms

    hvsomchacniwilkms Junior Member

    i got my shipping confirmation 2days ago and just got my package today. so all good here. thanks drag

    my box was opened though and wrapped up again, says it was opened and resealed by customs..but nothing was taken out? so i guess they didnt care about it. eitherway i got all my shit but is this something i should worry about? should i order my next package to a different address?
  12. There's only 3 reasons for this. From most likely to least likely:

    1. It was inspected and stealth did it's job.
    2. It was damaged and they repaired it.
    3. They let it through to build a case on you.

    To me, #1 is the most likely scenario. While #3 could be a possibility if you're a large quantity repeat offender.
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  13. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    It was damaged and they repaired it lol
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  14. i meant, if there was a gaping hole in there, they would almost certainly inspect it, with good stealth, they throw their tape on there and pass it on down the conveyor belt.
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  15. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    I wonder if they just look sometimes and say, "oh it's just some steroids, fuck it" and throw it back on the conveyer.
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  16. hvsomchacniwilkms

    hvsomchacniwilkms Junior Member

    i think this is what happened tbh. but if it has to be one of those 3 options i hope its #2.

    my whole package was slit and re-taped, its clear that they looked inside. this is only my 2nd online order ever, before this i used to do everything in person but people i knew are either locked up or ditched the game. my 1st order wasn't too heavy. ~$100 including shipping but this one was $300 so idk if thats considered a large order or not. im just glad i got my shit though, i think ill use a different address for my next order just to be safe.
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  17. i have to believe there's more than a few that just don't give a shit and probably a few that do what we do and have the same feelings towards the bullshit laws surrounding AAS.
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  18. DragonOrdnance

    DragonOrdnance Member Supporter

    As MSP said, likely they let you go because of stealth. Unless you have a Lamborghini parked outside your home, they’re likely not building a case
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  19. graciebjj

    graciebjj Member

    Why are you concerned about that colour? Haven’t been sourcing for long?
  20. MSB would have been funnier, but MSP, well played you little fucker. :D