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  1. ronpaek100

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    Any black fridal promo specials?
  2. Don't hold your breath. The next time he posts will probably be in December.

    Black fridal. :D
  3. Weights

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    Anyone use the arimidex? That’s a good price
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    All fun and games, huh? "Not sure where this meme is coming from"? Well, you can be sure where I'd put it given the opportunity...right in that cute little coolo of yours.
    I don't know what you thought was settled in the beginning of this shit example of a source thread. I wasn't around and from the looks of things guys just dropped the panda thing. I know what you are.
    You can pretty much tell any story you like and be whomever you wanna be but when shit starts getting fucked up your little tale is gonna be looked at and maybe dissected.

    I don't need to contact panda,,,,you do. Your warehouse man is pandas. These guys wouldn't care if things were being taken care of.
    Here...I'll give you a little boost...Wow..what a big boy! You're your own boss! Neat. How about you take some time away from spending members money and take care of business.
    The nice thing about being in your shoes is you can blame someone. Panda. You're at his mercy. Its either that or you have really shit customer service and are a disrespectful little shit.
    But that's not the case, is it? If you had your way you'd have these guys squared away. You take pride in what you're trying to do and build here. Its tough to do when you're getting the cold shoulder from Head Quarters. Panda is to busy chasing the tranny ass over there.
    I'll be in your corner if you want a hand. If you wanna keep up this front I can't do anything for you. Its not gonna get any better. It goes in cycles with panda.
    We can get him to change up a couple of things. Get him to give you his reps ear cuz the one I know has a decent chance of making things happen. I have a couple of other ideas.
    Just don't come at me like a wise guy. It gets in the way of being able to get things done. Also, you keep it up and I'm not gonna like you.
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  5. DW BO

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    Panda and Dragon are the owners of PurplePandaLabs. They had problems between them, he even thought I was Dragon when I asked for money from not leaking the info. They now had the separate businesses Dragon and Monkey, which all together share sources they dropship from and even customer service. That all can be seen in the databases.
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    not answering e-mails? I've sent you an email because I had a problem with an order
  7. ronpaek100

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    Are people receiving there packages lately? Placed my order about a week ago still says preparing package, sent an email but haven't heard back yet.
  8. sterman.pro

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    Did he respond???
  9. DragonOrdnance

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    sorry boys. been in China my proton’s been blocked, just came back to Hong Kong though and can reply.
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  10. ronpaek100

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    All good bro, don't really need a reply, just hoping package gets sent out soon
  11. Ding ding ding. MSG called it again.

    He has your money, you're on his time now.
    Hope his ability to ship in a timely manner is better than his ability to communicate or you're in for a long wait, my friend.

    And before someone wants to white night for raws boy here, read the thread. His lack of communication is an ongoing issue.
  12. yc24allday

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    You a savage “raw boy” had me laughing :) :)
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  13. ronpaek100

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    My order just shipped today bro, he must have seen my email or posts on meso-rx, his shipping times may be a little slow, but i'm satisfied since he has the best prices.
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  14. sterman.pro

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    Well fellas, Today I made my first order with Dragon through its page, yes I know that my data can be filtered but in this country where nothing ever happens I think I will be fine, I hope everything goes well and can get my package on time or at least get my stuff hehe, I'm a little nervous because it's a little bit of money (at least for me but so far I've been able to communicate with him through wickr without any problem, it takes a bit to get an answer from him but it's OK I guess he's busy, I will keep you informed
  15. ItsDaBoii

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    Yeah funny how fast he replies when you want to place a order ...
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  16. ronpaek100

    ronpaek100 Junior Member

    Guys my package arrived safely, very fast shipping speed as well, thank you @DragonOrdnance
  17. DragonOrdnance

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    Whats up my man? All the emails you’ve ever sent me have been replied in less than 24 hours, even with you spamming 2-3 times if you don’t get an answer. If you’d stop sending emails through non protonmail emails, I could actually see them when they’re sent, but i have to keep checking my spam since you keep sending through hotmail..

    Great to hear, let me know if you need anything bud!
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  18. El Capitan

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    Still waiting to receive it......
  19. DragonOrdnance

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    We talked over email yeah?
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    Did anybody else notice that Dragon was selling Oxycodone,
    Clonazepam, Tramadol, Codeine?