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  1. Iron Frenchie

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    Damn never noticed. Should just stick to hormones not narcotics.
  2. Sdryx

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    If he ships oxy’s like he does his gear then I’m sure there’s a bunch of fiending addicts out there somewhere with a bunch of shit missing goin nuts.
  3. El Capitan

    El Capitan Member

    Yes. Package landed. Everything is accounted for now.
  4. sterman.pro

    sterman.pro Junior Member

    Package 1 of 3 landed everything is right and faster than I expected, awaiting the other 2,
  5. Bloathog

    Bloathog Junior Member

    Labs back from Dragon Test E 250mg/wk. 6 wks and 48 hrs after last pin. 1924ng/dl
  6. BroScientist

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    Oldschool! Let's get in the time machine back to 1998!
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  7. DragonOrdnance

    DragonOrdnance Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Nice bloods!
  8. DragonOrdnance

    DragonOrdnance Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Update boys. Changed our BlackTops prices to 125 each kit, domestically AND internationally. Shipping for both is 15$.

    Merry Christmas, basically.
  9. Kim

    Kim Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Wow that’s a great deal! 125 and 15 and even domestic? Awesome!
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  10. Kim

    Kim Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    And girls
  11. Bulldog413

    Bulldog413 Member

    DO will you guys be increasing raw prices after the first of the year?
  12. rolexbelaphonte

    rolexbelaphonte Junior Member

    DO website is unavailable. Anybody know what’s up?
  13. DragonOrdnance

    DragonOrdnance Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Regular maintenance.

    only if the factory will, of course. Which is seeming to be the case, but we’ll wait and see.
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  14. BigL32

    BigL32 Junior Member

    Any blood work on the int pharma hgh? Even some anecdotal feedback regarding results would be helpful. I’ve scrolled back and most comments are about t/a or other products.

    DO - do you expect to have serostim back in stock anytime soon?
  15. DragonOrdnance

    DragonOrdnance Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Most feedback on the hgh is on sst, including bloodwork.

    and hopefully right after the new years.
  16. RGL90

    RGL90 Member

    Well after contemplating for awhile I decided to try dragon , will be updating you guys with TA , and overall c/s experience through it all , contact has been good today, now that my parts done we will see how it’s handled
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  17. rolexbelaphonte

    rolexbelaphonte Junior Member

    Is anybody else’s packs taking a long time to arrive?
  18. RGL90

    RGL90 Member

    All I’ve noticed is what @ItsDaBoii said, communication before order is prompt and fast, now that parts over and I’m waiting to just hear that everything is received because the website is acting up saying waiting for pay the. I have to re submit every time and it goes to preparing pack then back to waiting for payment , not tripping , just want to know I can sit back and chill and wait . @DragonOrdnance
  19. rolexbelaphonte

    rolexbelaphonte Junior Member

    The website has been acting weird lately. I wouldn’t worry about that. And btw it’s usually hard to reach DO on the weekend. Try his wikr tho.

    I’m just waiting on stuff I order on 12/5 and it’s still showing that it’s in China. I’m sure it’s just due to the holidays. Just wondering if anyone else is having slow shipping.
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  20. RGL90

    RGL90 Member

    Only thing I’m concern is if I been talking to scammer , I use proton. Dragonordnance is how it’s spelled man I’ve been talking to, but website is cap sensitive DragonOrdnance , I’ve been talking to lower caps ordance , what you think ?