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    I can't test my products every single moment, so I do routine testing. My supplier also provides their own HPLC testing, but thats like any brand saying they are the "best" in something.
    Having a large amount of sources who are supplying from me and testing frequently allows me to know where my product stands at each moment. I personally aim to test each batch with ten key products such as Test E, tren E, etc. The populars.

    It stands to say I came in here without any present tests(done by myself), hoping the recent bloodwork done on our products and testing by the SST community would back me up, such as WinterPharm's recent tests on 12/6.
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    Why don't you provide that testing?
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    I'll ask for them. If I can provide them, they'll be here by Monday.
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    Winter pharm coming to meso? Say what?
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    Your friend in australia?
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    See post #113
  7. Swooping in to fill the void of ppl/mk, huh. And you brought your pet source with you (winter green chew, I think they're called) to vouch for your product quality. Interesting.
  8. This is to say you didn't come prepared, knew you weren't prepared, and still posted an intro anyway. What does this say about your character described in the opening. Questionable, for sure.
  9. This response to criticism contradicts your promise:

    "And I'm honest. If I fucked up, I'll admit it... But I won't blame you."

    Your response sounds kinda defensive, not the humble person who won't blame others for their mistakes. Signs of temperament issues to come? Most likely.
  10. How do you resolve the ideas of building "personal relationships" with your clients while claiming safety is you most important focus?
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    Hi and welcome @DragonOrdnance

    Thanks for your commitment to testing but Janoshik ain't trusted here.
    Not to brag but Meso is the big leagues. We even have some chromatography technicians around.

    Will you offer store credit for testing done at accredited labs (i.e. Simec, lab4tox)?

    Oh, and no websites, stick to Emails to avoid unwanted attention.
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    1 Dragon website uses the same raws symbol Panda does
    see attached file

    2 Dragon website uses the same raws weight-pricing range that Panda does
    i.e. 0-99 grams price is higher
    100+ grams lower price

    3 Dragon website uses the same orange-colored +- sign for the units (grams) purchased as Monkey does

    Dragon Ordnance

    4 Dragon uses a website as both Monkey and Panda, without realizing that websites can be easily hacked and encrypted Emails are safer.

    5 If Dragon raws arrive underweight, he asks for a video like Panda and Monkey does
    Dragon Ordnance

    6 Domestic reshipping charge is $250, the same as Panda did (and it got busted)

    7 LMAO @
    Depends on your order.
    Dragon Ordnance

  13. He responds to wickr within minutes, to emails as they come in, but his brand new intro thread at Meso...meh...
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    Haha i got places to be man, its saturday night and everyone deserves a little fun.

    @master.on Yes, I offer 75$ credit for bloods and 100$ for any type of purity tested done by a accredited lab (accredited meaning most of the members of the forums approve such source)

    By the way, I can comment on the reshipper comment you made. I actually specifically beat panda's reshipment fee ($350) to get clients onboard. So I know I DEFINITELY don't have the same prices.

    @insertnamehere Not sure the question on relationships. If you thought personal in terms of name to name basis, no. But I do handle a what you would call professional relationship and if you allow me, I can be your bud, which most clients like a source who is also another person.
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    I love how he is brand new and already linked Meso as a partner on his website!

    Birch Meso ain't no-one's partner...
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    Noone complained when PPL put it on his website.
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    The same day he creates a thread he is a partner? Lol
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    Meso isn't moderated and there is no sponsor requirements. Also He has donate to AL which is abouts as MESO as you get. So he's been around long enough to donate to a cause but you can't get over the fact that he's using his presence here to bolster his site.?
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    I've used that service multiple times and 250$ was the fee