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    @DragonOrdnance check your spam , I’m trying to get a tracking number , u told me it’s on your page but my order still says preparing pac , and that number there isn’t pulling up a damn thing .
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    Chinese New Years bois! From this Monday, January 20th, to February 2/3, we will not be shipping anything that originates out of China. Turkish and domestic operations will continue as normal.
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    Well, did you get me figured out yet @DragonOrdnance
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    Finally got my tracking number after 22 days , was told packs shipped weeks ago , it’s somewhere in this post a page or two back , now tracking shows first movement yesterday and says sender is preparing item for posting ? Can any one clarify if this means my pack just got sent ? Will be very unsatisfied if this is the case. I will keep everyone updated
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    Keep us posted
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    I reupped for the first time since my car wreck and seen the price increase as just the result of having a hack for a president. Anywho, my pack landed just a week longer than the first 2 a couple months ago. 24 Days. Order to Door. Stealth, epic as always. People on here driving away a good vendor in a weird situation caused by an imbecile. Considering IMG_20180206_090946.jpg things are being ran by the orange David Koresh/ Jim Jones in a toupe, hell I think he is doing great. I anticipated at least a month or two. Thanks as always Dragon!
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    Those are some big ass vials man
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    Probably just a filter to make them look wider. I use that too for.... err... stuff.
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    Nice brew porn brother. Recommend you post your brews in the brew porn thread in the home brew section.

    300mg/ml test cyp! How is the pip? What was the recipe if you don't mind sharing
  11. Good old Trump derangement syndrome
    Package was a week later than usual.
    Obviously Trumps fault
    If you step on gum... is that Trumps fault too?
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    I never pass up a chance to rile up the cult, I mean ,base.. It's always fun to see which Fox news talking point somebody will throw out there to deflect, pivot, or personally insult the poster. At this point if you are truly in on Trump it's a lot easier to live in an alternate reality. If you didn't have some sort of protection mechanism what exactly would that mean about your morals and character?
    I couldn't imagine teaching my son to emulate such behavior. And after he got old enough to see through the bullshit the thought of him thinking of me as some sort of half-witted moron would just crush me... Kudos to you guys, amazing courage! I mean who really cares what your children will grow up to think about you!
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    Dude shut up youre a moron. And get surgery for that gyno, it's probably Trump's fault
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    Most logical Americans will vote for the president based on his policy. Not on his personality. Voting emotionally is a feminine trait. Facts not feelings.
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    Imagine what your kids will think about you when they find out you voted for Bernie sanders
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    the’ll probably never know he’s the father. The kids would be owned by the state if breadline Bernie ever came out on top.
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    Check your email plz, about the shipment
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    Old Slick Willie isn't as sharp as he was once was...