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    Perhaps before. But I definitely know that when I got my reshipper (two months ago) it was 350 and I made sure to tell him to price himself at 250 to beat the competition.

    I can always be wrong, though.
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    That's fair...
    But brand new at Meso, his join date was Nov 27th...
    So maybe I'm missing something.

    I have a problem with his potential associations, the unknown of quality, etc etc
    Sometimes that takes a little time.
    I think he should earn that Meso relationship before some stupid banner donation of who knows how much and if it's a one time or not.

    Nothing against him, as I'm interested in his generic hgh.
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  3. RCCP

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    I do think Sources shouldbe required to make recurring donations to keep the banner. But being an unmoderater board means we compromise on what can be controlled.
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    they're 600
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    We did.
  7. So what you're saying is, when it's convenient for you. Got it. If you can't handle replying to your intro thread - where you're supposed to at least act like you give a shit - in a timely manner, how are you going to properly handle the addition of Meso clients to your current roster? I don't think you've thought this through.

    Furthermore, if you're more interested in having fun on a weekend, rather than attending to your business, that's another contradiction to your opening statement and it reveals the priority you place on making a good impression while attempting to expand your business to Meso.

    Additionally, if you meant to say, "professional" relationship instead of "personal" relationship, get it right the first time. To be more clear, it's not what I thought, it's what you said, understand? Is it my fault for your sloppy and inaccurate choice of words?

    I see the defensive nature in your responses including the nudging of blame onto others for their "misinterpretation" of information you provide. Being that these incidents are rather trivial at this point, I can only imagine what your attitude will be when something more serious comes to light. I predict we'll see the opposite of the humble, fix the issue with out blaming person, you say you are.

    Lastly, I don't want to be your "bud." Anyone who wants to be "buds" with a source must lead a very pathetic existence.
  8. He's a legend in his own mind. His arrogance is highly visible and completely unearned.
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    As compared to panda and monkey king?
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    Did 2dum open up a lab... I mean mail through service
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    @DragonOrdnance any plans to sell finished or semi-finished gear in the near future?

    Semi finished gear means fully brewed gear with oil, BA, BB as needed
    only lacking sterile filtration to be done by the customer on arrival.
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    I'm sorry if my methods offend you, but you don't have to like them.I gave ample time to Meso (about maybe eight hours) and decided it was nice to take myself out for dinner, and again, if that offends you, I apologise.

    I may be sloppy with my choices of words, but thats just who I am unfortunately.
  14. DragonOrdnance

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    I'd like to open a US domestic lab or maybe a Int lab, I'm not sure which direction to focus on. But thats a far thought into the future. I want to make sure 100% I can handle everything I have now, and once I'm completely sure of it, go ahead with expansion.
  15. master.on

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    IMO don't go domestic.
    All domestic sources will get busted sooner or later, and that may harm the china headquarters.

    Stick to international, just add finished and semi-finished gear for more sales.
    And don't listen to losers who tell you that semi-finished gear is dangerous. They're shills and dickriders for other sources and have a vested interest in killing your revenue.
    Semi-gear is great for customs. Hidden in plain sight.
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    I'll take that into consideration man. I'll probably just go the international route and figure out how to incorporate DHL express shipping (in a week arrival) to it. About semi-finished gear, eh, I aint too much into that. Never heard of gear being shipped like that either haha.
  17. Roger rabbit

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    Seems similar to a certain animal I know that lives in China.
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  18. Roger rabbit

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    This sounds identical to what mk said....
  19. DragonOrdnance

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    Well, its the only options when one is looking for expansion. I'm sure I'll get flank for doing something panda already does, but then what should I do? I already offer products he does not. And an international lab with my own raws would offer such cheap, quality gear. Two words that usually don't mix!

    The thing is, I don't have any time or money right now to do either things haha. So I gotta wait... but as Censored said earlier, dragon head vials would look so much better than monkeys.
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    Time will tell then. That is your only option.
    Keep doing you.
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