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    @Millard Baker post 1599 noobs dropping sensitive info on isle 9 again.
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    Yikes lol
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    Sorry for being that noob guys. I just wanted to let everyone know that DO reached out to me and the situation is being fixed. It was a simple problem that was not anyone's fault and he's o
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    He's on top of the issue. Like I said before I have always had success with DO and hope to in the future.
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    This forum really needs to have a long term delete option. SST has it and it's proven to be extremely useful for cleaning up messes.

    With that said, I hope we all learned a valuable lesson over the past few dozen posts, that if you have patience, stay calm and let the source help you solve an issue that it's better for everyone. Hitting the nuke option every time someone gets a little pissy doesn't help the community at all.
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  6. There is no resolution to my issue . This is what happens all the time.My issue has been on going for months now .I have been told it would be fixed multiple times to no avail . But then all the dick riders want to step in and act like all has been cleared up.DO still hasn't fixed anything . and until he does it is a strike . I have been told he was gonna clear it up two other way but hold on of course on the 3rd way he tells me hes gonna clear it it oh oh course he is going to . Do fix your SHIT
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    GTFO. This is an unmoderated forum. Deleting is exactly what we don't want. Of course, a dick rider like you wants to leave only the good reviews. Get fucked.
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    Gbro. Unmoderated is good, but being able to delete or at least edit a post containing sensitive info should be available to the person creating the post.

    And Gbro this is why they don't let fuckheads like you in charge of anything important. Sure a punk ass mouthy cunt like yourself is someone cool on Meso, but I'm gonna suspect your day to day life consists of living in your parents basement and giving your mother her nightly sponge bath.
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    That option is available here. If it isn't done within the allotted timeframe Millard comes in and cleans up.
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  11. The biggest question is, is his Mom a MILF?

    If not, is this a detailed sponge bath where ya gotta get all the little nooks and crannies clean, or just a quick little back scrub with eye's closed tight?

    We need details here!
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    You got me all figured out! In your fantasy, is my mom real fat and I eat her asshole?!

    Do @Oldschool next!
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    Go back to SST then. Micro brains like you belong there, being coddled by the slimy mods, shitty sources, and bro bros with the FEELZ reports.
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    I think we need to delete this post. Haha
  15. DO I tried to follow the first 2 solutions you presented. You got us to this poi t you not following through and you not being a man of your word stand up and fix it
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    Damn, this threads been busy since I’ve been away... :D

    If I ordered the cheapest thing on Dragon’s list then that’s what I expect to receive. It doesn’t matter if what I received cost more, that’s not what I ordered. So I totally understand wanting what you paid for.

    @Wes oh hell no how certain are you that what you received isn’t Test E just mislabeled?
    DO is sayin you do in fact have the right product. And offering to reimburse you if you have it tested. This is really beneficial to you in a few ways. You test it and see what you actually have. Plus see the purity. If it comes back as test E then you have what you ordered. If it comes back as TNE then he’ll refund or send you the correct product.
    You could also try to work out a deal to see if @DragonOrdnance would just pay for the testing first. He can send the coins to the tester and all you’d have to do is send in the sample. :)
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    It’s a win win if he has it tested. Great offer by DO in my opinion.
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    Wes has tried to brew it and it falls out of suspension.

    He did mention that he will have to use or has used
    Guaiacol + Ethyl Oleate to keep the powder in suspension at low concentrations.

    If he tried to brew it at below 100mg and it still falls out of suspension without EO and Guai, and just used BB 10% or higher than I'm sure it's not T-E, as long as he's telling the truth.

    And he's not a fan of TNE so either he's not interested in selling or personal use. It's not really such a great deal for him, but I'm certain someone would buy 500g off him so he can recoup most of his cost.
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    Glad I saw this before I ordered. It’s kind of crazy that a source sends out a wrong pack and then the solution is to tell someone to pay more money to prove it. If it is the correct product but mislabeled thats still concerning. Not only that but if what he’s saying is correct DO ghosted him until he posted it on here.
    I’ve had sources in the past send the wrong items and without any fight they sent me the correct items quickly.
    To the guy who said he’s sitting on a gold mine and he should sell it that’s asinine. The guy doesn’t want to be dealer. There’s a different risk in using and having a product vs distribution.
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    I'll gladly pay the tester first. I have done this with Jano many times. I just ask the client to tell the tester I am paying, and the tester will contact me directly. If the product does not arrive for testing, the tester will just refund me and done deal.
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