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    Maybe close your legs... the stench is still lingering.

    Do you realize that this amount is literally slightly more than a pound? You sound like my post menopause mothers when they reads things on Facebook and believe everything they hear.

    Maybe not rerouting, but the tester will definitely receive 500g.

    You are probably some washed up 80’s lifter that is just now learning to send bitcoin.

    Show me the guy that caught a charge for shipping one time domestically. The only time you will likely get caught domestically is if they suspect you are trafficking and intercept one of your packages.

    Since it’s obviously you have never shipped anything in your life, please just play with your pussy and stay out of this.
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    Put the product inside stealth (something like a protein tub or etc)... take to USPS in a prepackaged box... use a fake return address and name... pay with cash...

    This is the easiest way to ship and I will guarantee you won’t get caught doing this one time. Even if you did (0.001%)... a detective won’t spend the resources to track down who sent it if it was one time especially for testosterone.

    I can’t believe how much of a fucking pussy you are... did you never go on Spring Break in College? We used to ship all our party favors (post 9-11) to the beach instead of driving with them. Damn Asian fuck
  3. This site is to let others know about Sources mess ups as well as him resolving problems. It's for the member . Not the shill/nut rider.Im posting this to let people know he messed up bad . Next person could be you.
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    “Just” a pound of a schedule III substance. You literally cannot be this dumb. I am being punked.

    I'm actually not a pussy, I just really enjoy my lifestyle and freedom. Maybe you don’t have much to lose? Maybe your life is miserable, and lonely, and prison doesn’t sound so bad? At least you’d have some companionship there. Some strong men to hold you tight and tell you everything is ok. Would you like that? I think you would. I’ll let you get back to fantasizing about your life in prison. Have a nice day :D
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    Shut up already, you've proven everybody you're a huge moron. Let go of your ego and just realise your idea is dumb as fuck
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    holy shit you’re a moro. Go crawl back to reddit with the rest of the dumb ass children.
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    Where is your proof DO messed up? Just because you say so? Back up your claim or shut the fuck up. I've never had any dealings with DO, by the way. But you are clearly making claims without a shred of evidence. That is a slippery slope for the community.
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    God damn I never realized how many pussies are on here that sources have to deal with... sources literally ship everyday without batting an eye... members here are like 60 year old grandmas at church scared to do anything.

    Bottom line is the member will not get a refund either because he is reverse scamming or won’t ship because he falls into the same category as these grandmas.

    You are indeed a tight asian hooker pussy... Yes and marijuana is a Schedule I drug you twat... you barely see prosecutors and detectives using their time and resources on marijuana cases... and testosterone is even more decriminalized... let aside the fact there is almost zero risk as long as you don’t ship like an idiot...

    Glad you enjoy your life and that arousing story you tried to make which had no informational value. Once again, you and ever other pussy that is too scared to send their AAS can literally rub their pussy at home and complain on a forum to no avail.

    You a Ching Chong here can scissor your throbbing twats together since both of you appear to be scared to ship even tho the chances are slim to non you will be caught... you probably never drive over the speed limit because technically you can go to jail

    You’ve been on here for a month and only have 8 posts... nice try to try and get a few likes... try actually posting something useful next time.

    I’ve been doing gear probably longer than you’ve even been in the gym.
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    And since it’s like talking to monkeys that can’t rationally think...

    Hey Wes... go order a gram of TNE off of SST from a domestic provider. Pick the one with the quickest shipping. When this comes in... ship it to get tested so that it shows up as TNE no matter if your stuff from DO is TNE or Test-E. This way you get some free powder from DO.

    I’m all for putting the members first... but this is literally insane... If this is how it is... I’ll just make a bunch of fake accounts on Meso and do this scam over and over again.
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    This had me laughing coming from a guy who has been here 9 days. Fucking hilarious.
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    Sending 500g of powder even domestically is risky if you use your real address. Granted you could easily stealth it and make it very secure to get at, but I doubt Wes is gonna do this.

    If you are gonna do jail time raws produce the most units of delivery and the greatest charges, 500 grams of powder will be 20,000 units of delivery by most jurisdictions.

    $400 (old pricing) isn't worth taking this sort of risk.
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    Having a new handle with short post history doesn't invalidate an opinion. Length of forum membership doesn't put anyone in a position of authority.

    This is a saloon of idiots, idiots with a few experts scattered about. Most of the people on this forum are nothing more than consumers that have no background in biology, chemistry, no real life laboratory experience at all.

    This forum is strictly to keep an eye on sources as a means of damage control.
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    I agree that this member shouldn’t be this upset about $400 if he won’t do a test and ship product in stealth and a fake name/address. The source shouldn’t have to go out of pocket if you won’t take the smallest risk to prove his fault.

    Again with having the member sending a sample in... you have to make the sample large enough to increase his opportunity cost of faking a sample with real TNE from another source. As I laid out earlier, it is easy for the member to buy only a gram of real TNE and send it in and still benefit largely from a reverse scam.

    I’m not partial to the source or the member... I’m just pointing out how this easily can be a reverse scam under the current arrangement.
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    Ya I was on Evo for 7 years and got tired of them pushing their SARMs every year. I got mad at the guys over there because of this exact reason... no knowledge of the chemistry of the compounds they were selling and would blow up on me when I would post the science disproving their sales pitches.

    I hate scammers, but I hate reverse scammers even more because it polluted the reviews.
  15. zepp

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    In this case I don't know what Wes is doing. Was this 500 grams for personal use or for resale.

    It would be interesting to read from Wes why he chose half a kilo.
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    Nice point. If the member bought enough for 19 years worth of constant blasting of Test-E at 500mg a week. He is clearly selling, so there is no reason he isn’t capable of putting a decent amount in stealth, shipping properly, and having it tested.
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    that explains everything
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    I wouldn’t even say you’re a member here... you have been on here since 2015 and have 135 posts... you post an average of 30-40 posts a year...

    If you are going to play the forum vs. forum bullshit drama... don’t act like you are part of a club if you don’t consistently contribute to the forum.
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    Lol, he came back looking for spoon feedings on g2g sources. He has just recently come to his Meso senses.
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    Again you've been here 9 days, why are you talking about members posts, history, date etc?? Your 9 days in, you cant talk about members history, you dont have any yet.

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