Dragon Pharma Test C and Anavar

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  1. FakeNattyAlert

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    F9F33437-0A29-4F48-96ED-9712DE21C723.jpeg 970EADE4-9372-456E-875F-C7A35D0D20DC.jpeg 561FA8A1-0A3D-4503-B0EC-18C0DACAF8F3.jpeg F9F33437-0A29-4F48-96ED-9712DE21C723.jpeg 6F15D9D6-4405-4500-9FC2-A0E824375E90.jpeg I still have these products on hand that I need to get rid of. If nobody wants them, I’ll just throw them away.

    5x Dragon Pharma var 12.7mgx100tabs
    1x dragon pharma tbol 20mgx100tabs
    3x dragon pharma test c 250mgx10ml
  2. Oh good sir, never throw good gear away.

    i've been a broke bitch as of late and would take the whole lot off your hands if i could, but if you just want to sell each off separate, i would be interested in a little something something.
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  3. FishnTom

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    Why not use it thats great stuff
  4. OSEM

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    How much?
  5. FakeNattyAlert

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    300 for everything.
  6. LeoTC

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    Why are you trying to get rid of it?

    Dragon is quality gear, never seen anyone have an issue. Just out of curiosity.
  7. FakeNattyAlert

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    Yea I've used dragon for years, always got my money's worth. Im taking a break to take care of some personal issues, that's why I don't want this stuff to go to waste.
  8. FakeNattyAlert

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    95BAFF9C-185F-4F27-B185-C72EE00245D3.jpeg Still available. A lot of inquiries but no serious users.
  9. prkway

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    All this for $300? Check your pm’s
  10. FakeNattyAlert

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    @prkway pleasure doing business with you brother!