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  1. Ryno3516

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    Does anyone have any information on Drakon Labs?
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  3. T-Bagger

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    Overpriced gear. No one has posted any testing results here and all you’ll hear from source boards is how awesome they are. Their prices alone are enough to stay away from them.
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    There is a few lab tests on their stuff on S-F
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  5. Johnny666

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    Hey bro. They’re top notch. G2G. Order with confidence. Hands down the best gear ever. I could tell their tren was fire by how dark it was!!

    Just kidding. If BOP was up that’s the response you would’ve got lol!
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    Ah this gave me a good laugh because it was literally word for word from BoP.
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  7. cujo

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    Gear is solid but yes it is expensive as shit. Using the tmt300 and trestolone with dbol and Anadrol and def working. I’d say him and juicepal are good but just so damn expensive
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    All the paid-source-board lab names always sound the same.