Drug tested meet should I do it?

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Sporkzilla, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Sporkzilla

    Sporkzilla Junior Member

    I did a test/tren/deca cycle started the end of March, I ran
    400mg/week of tren 10wks
    250mg/week test e 12wks
    200mg/wk of deca for 5 wks
    I stopped the deca usage because I started noticing small side effects nothing major an AI couldn't handle but also I was gaining too much weight. 10lbs in a month or so it was crazy.

    My question is I have an option to do a drug tested meet March 31st. They only test the 4 people with the highest Wilks. I have the chance beat the state records for deads and squats. my wilks will probably on be around 420 #povertybench.

    What would be the chance of A) me having a highest enough wilks score to be tested and B) will I still have the metabolites in my system? I know they say deca can be tested up to 18 months but does that mean even with lower doses or does it depend on the amount taken.

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions
  2. Rockclimber

    Rockclimber Member

    Deca will still show up.
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  3. legendary

    legendary Member

    Deca last a while from what I read depending on testing.
  4. Sporkzilla

    Sporkzilla Junior Member

    I read that as well, but was curious if it was more dose dependent for how long it will stay around. And if there is any way to beat it
  5. legendary

    legendary Member

    I don't think dose matters. But I've never been tested for ped so I have no idea. Just read that deca is a long one. About 2 yrs.
  6. theSilence

    theSilence Member

    I wouldnt risk the possible federation ban, but if you don’t care about that then go for it. It really looks bad competing and getting caught knowing it’s tested too.
    Are there no non tested federations or meets in your area?
  7. theSilence

    theSilence Member

    Also, from what I understand - tested meets may not do a full steroid profile test. Some test for weed and stuff, and that’s it. Because apparently some people think marijuana is a performance enhancing drug... The full steroid tests are pretty expensive from what I hear.
  8. Dont compete in a tested federation if you have used AAS.....period.
  9. Ironlyfe80

    Ironlyfe80 Member

    Most federation use a epitestosterone to testosterone ratio test, not metabolites or specific drugs. If you have been off AAS for a while you would probably be fine, but don't try to cheat the system.
  10. ironwill1951

    ironwill1951 Member

    why would you want to enter a natural contest when your not, have you no pride?
  11. OldmanRob

    OldmanRob Member

    If everyone or most everyone enters clean would you feel like a winner if you won?

    I'd feel like a cheating mofo
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  12. Sledge762

    Sledge762 Member

    That's pretty gay.

    Don't do that shit. Play in an untested fed. Leave the natty's alone they have a hard enough time already.
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  13. theSilence

    theSilence Member

    Ya I wouldn’t risk it for the ban, and for the fact that you would be competing against natural athletes. You may not feel so great if you won, and had to look someone in the eye and as you just trained harder. Or if they snatched that 1st from your hands.
  14. Luckycharm

    Luckycharm Junior Member

    Seems like you probably have made your decision. But in case anyone else is wondering about the same thing, think this might help:
    I'm not gonna touch on ethics, you do you. But, if you think you might test positive on a drug test AND you think you might break a record or be one of the strongest lifters at the meet, DON'T do a drug tested meet. For tested feds, anyone that breaks a state, national, or world record is supposed to automatically be tested. Sometimes the meet director is in lala land and a record breaker doesn't get tested, but they are all supposed to be. Outside of that, tested feds are supposed to "randomly" test I think 10% of lifters. What usually ends up happening is the meet director asks the people scoring to list the lifters they thought looked strong (ie on drugs) or had pretty strong lifts.
    As far as whether you'd test positive and what not...I don't know shit lol.
  15. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    Like has been said already, don’t do a tested meet if you’ve been using AAS. There are plenty of untested meets and feds you can compete in so this shouldn’t even be an option you’re considering.
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  16. MaskedLiberty

    MaskedLiberty Member

    Maybe I'm off my rocker a bit here, someone please straighten my ass out if need be.......BUT, you guys think the "natural" guys don't run short ester gear before meets? I'm willing to bet more than a few dollars they do....maybe I am jaded.
  17. Johnny442

    Johnny442 Member

    I’m sure they do. I’ve done some shady shit in my time but I would never get in a tested meet if I had used.
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  18. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    Sure there are some that do but we don’t have to be like those guys.
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  19. Gbro

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    "everyone else cheats, I may as well to"

    character defining
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  20. MaskedLiberty

    MaskedLiberty Member

    That's not what I meant, if that was at me. I was just making a statement. I would never enter a "natty" federation meet.