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Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by BIGSNOR, Apr 10, 2006.

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    BIGSNOR Junior Member

    hey guys if you all dont know i got popped for roids a while back and they put me on supervised probation for 5 years. im in a somewhat small college town and i meet with my probation officer once a month. I'm now on my fourth month of probation and they havnt even tested me yet. I've been staying clean but it sucks soooooo bad. they guys dont even understand what steroids are really. does anyone know what kind of testing they would do and would it even pick up steroids? i know that police and firefighter tests are narcotic tests only and since im the first steroid case in any of the three counties i've been in court in they have no idea about this shit. i had one probation officer that said she wanted to do a hair test but was way cool and never tested me, she got shipped out and now i have some old guy, ready to retire and he didnt even know what steroids were. i had to explain it to him, needless to say he still doesnt understand. but was just looking for any experienced opinions would be great. later
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    Bigkarch Member

    talk to your probation officer and ask him or her....usually aas is not tested..if it was, the judge would have told you during the trial what the conditions of your probation was..
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    BIGSNOR Junior Member

    well i have a special list of condtions they gave me and it says i will adhere to all testing procedures asked of me or some crap like that..... but they havnt mentioned any specialized steroid testing to me, except for the first officer she wanted to do a hair follicle test to check my testosterone levels... but she left and the new guy doesnt know jack. so you think i should ask what test im going to take and make up some reason why i'd like to know? are there any websites that might say what test i'll be taking here in missouri on probation? thanks for the reply big karch
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    Bigkarch Member

    no..no websites..there is a complete list of all your stipulations during probation....yes they can test you for aas but will they..probably not...if they suspect you are on aas, you dont have a right to say no to any test..that is part of the condtions of probation..you give up your right to a lot of freedoms to stay out of jail....if I was in your shoes..and I absolutely wanted to do aas..I would do only prop....or get a prescription for test..easy to manipulate and get if you know what to do....good luck...
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    BIGSNOR Junior Member

    think it would be too obvious if i asked my probation officer if i could see a list of the substances the test i will be taking test for "to make sure that my OTC supplements arent on the list"? or do you think that sounds too obvious. i ordered some superdrol and pheraplex in case i cant roid, wonder if they might show up bad though..... or even if they work for that matter. what do you think bout both questions.
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    mr.nitro Member

    time for growth hormone and igf-1
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    STEEDA69 Junior Member

    NOPE! My brother just finished serving 4 years of supervised probation for AAS and he was tested (UA's) every other month! He competed in TWO BB shows during this period and placed 1st in both. Needless to say, they were NOT tested contests either! You can figure out what I'm saying without me actually spelling it out! It's a very expensive test as well! Think the state wants to spend that kinda $$$$$? NOPE!
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    BIGSNOR Junior Member

    Update, now on my 7th month of probation they still havnt tested me for anything yet. He did ask me if I was on steroids again two weeks ago because "I get bigger every time he sees me" but i told him i was cutting and just appear bigger. I'm still natural just been eating protein like a horse and have been cutting. Im thinking about doing a test prop, tren ace, masteron, winstrol cycle in a month or so and just wondered since he may now be suspicious, If i did happen to test positive for roids if they test me for roids what implications would this have on my probation. Would it be a complete revocation or would it be a violation. He acts like all the others have violations and he wanted to know how many I had... which is 0. Just wanted to know. thanks again.
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    Bigkarch Member

    prop only bro...maybe tren a..but thats it...dont push it...just get off probation...
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    DaneGer Junior Member

    TestP or Test suspension. but dont risk it imo
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    gambit10 Junior Member

    unless you are on federal probation most dont have access to test for steroids. it is about 20x more expensive than regular tests. just dont go on a major growth cycle and you will be fine.
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    Fatsuperman Junior Member

    Test suspension or Transdermal Test, would be impossible for them to prove

    no esters

    It took every lab in France to bust the last Tour De France winner for synthetic test, you think your hayseed probation officer can order an "isotope test" of you blood to determine if you have synthetic test in your system!
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    Bigkarch Member

    that could send some flags but wont meant enything right now
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    dennis Member

    i think everyone is missing the point here.....I would not be as worried about the state spending the $ to test me as i would be worried about getting caught with the steroids in my possesion!Or how about being worried about the dealer you purchase from...or .com you purchase from.What if the feds are watching the dealer and you get caught up in that investigation..if you are growing natty just keep it up..if you get locked down you really will not be able to use or train.
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    Bigkarch Member

    sorry bro but being frank...if you seem to be a bit paranoid...so bottom line.dont do anything illegal....
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    dennis Member

    Bigarch..he should not be a bit paranoid after being busted once and now being put on probation ? My recomendation to him and anyone on probation is to play by the rules..if he got busted with just 10 ml test while under probation he goes to jail or prison..yeah ..i would be paranoid.
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    BIGSNOR Junior Member

    update for your guys, 11months in and still havnt been tested once, for anything. I personally think its retarded that they arent on you like flies on shit for the stuff you've been caught for.... but lucky me haha.
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    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    Do you know why they use pollygraph tests for a natural show? $$$$$$$ I highly doubt that the system is going to spend the money to see if your juicing. Your the one that has to pay the big price if they want to make an exaple out of you.
    I dont know the details of your case only you do. If you pissed them off they could do anything.

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