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:) Introduction

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Hi everyone!
    Let me introduce myself and my online shop of anabolic steroids.
    We provide only domestic shipment in the USA.
    It means that you will never have to worry about customs.
    We ship in 24 hours after receiving money - priority shipping takes 3-5 business days,also we can ship express.
    No minimum order:)
    I want to be a part of your community and I want help all of you in achieving your goals!
    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
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  3. pmac928

    pmac928 Member

    Here we go. Why have you come to meso? And don't tell me to sell gear. I want to know why the fuck you chose this Board? Have you any knowledge about how it works around here? Do you know that every source that attemlts to source here fails miseeably?
    Post pictures of your products with your name and date on a piece of paper so we all can see it. Let's start with that.

    Ok so your a reseller of the same products a bunch of online guys are selling. Over priced and still underground
  4. TheNeWkID

    TheNeWkID Member

    Bump bump bump pmac. I notice that there are quite a few sites set up just like drugsgear and also carry this brand of unknown gear. Zhengzou pharm is still relatively unheard of. Any bloods on it would be great. $69 for 10 cc of long ester test by an unknown brand is pricey. Keep in mind I'd pay it if it was proven/trusted/domestic. But it aint and neither are you sir. Why would I pay top dollar for your test with the chance of getting scammed when I can get it from approved Pharmacom and other sources who have already proven themself. Not being too harsh but given you some honest reality
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  5. stan24

    stan24 Member

    That's some fucken intro.....
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  7. TheNeWkID

    TheNeWkID Member

    Sir please do not take my post as rude cause that was not my intention. In my short time here I learned these guys are about trust/track record and bloodwork. If you are new here there has got to be something that makes your roll out worth trying.
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    Do you always talk to strangers in such rude way?
    Some my clients wrote me that there is the thread about my shop and if I am interested I should write here myself. I wrote in the thread where I was already discussing.
    Meso members adviced me to create my own thread.
    I have website and positive feedback from EVO.
    I don't tell anybody to buy something in my shop - I created my own thread for people who want ask me about my shop.
    And it isn't underground
  9. TheNeWkID

    TheNeWkID Member

    Those lil unknown beans in front of your computer sure look tasty I will give u that friend :)
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    zp factori3.jpg
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    zp factory2.jpg
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    zp factory1.jpg
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  13. TheNeWkID

    TheNeWkID Member

    I am only trying to give you Critism that will help you on meso. And zhangzou can hardly be found on the net. Do you have any proof testing of there gear?
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    zp factory.jpg
  15. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    Meso is not a source board. ^^^^^ The above is laughable a couple of blisters ok. I am all over it. Look I will save you some trouble lets just pretend you never came around and we will leave it at that. Unless you can produce a well known vet from any board to verify who you are. I like known references. You don't have those though do you?
  16. TheNeWkID

    TheNeWkID Member

    Volt- I said sorry to you over on that other thread. Hopefully we can past the bitch- assness I threw out over there. I'm not looking for enemies. This gear looks professional packaged. I just don't get why the time was put into detail there but yet no tests can be found on it. Or trusted vets saying its gtg?? Weird
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    Thanks a lot you!
    This is not my products brother.
    I am not making these products.
    I am just the supplier.
    In my topic on EVO you can find blood test and labmax tests which EVO members have done. All of them are positive.
    I guarantee money back, if my products won't pass it- because I know they will pass labmax:)
    I'm my opinion results of labmax can satisfy only the manufacturers of underground,
    because lambax didn't show you, how many mg situated per tablet or per ml.
    Almost always their products are very underdosed,or very often they use Nandrolone Phenylpropionate instead of Metheonole Enanthate,and Stanozolol instead of Oxandrolone.
    And when some users show the results of labmax that there are no substance which shall be - they always say ,that it is the fault of Chinese that they sold fake substance:)
    I think all substances should be test before manufacturing products.
    I hope in few months I will be able to show tests of Zheng Zhou in European labs.

  18. TheNeWkID

    TheNeWkID Member

    I like the picture of the chinaman with the 3m mask on. I bet you went back and took that pic as he was whipping up a batch huh lol. :)
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  19. pmac928

    pmac928 Member

    Sorry bro. Better luck on evo. Pack it up!
  20. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    We have guys come in all t be time with proffesional packaged looking gear. Like small stack just get some orders and Sen a couple out and boom the gig is up a bunch of guys with nothing. I always want references and at the very least someone I know verify a source is real. If that is not the case why would anyone e throw money at a source such as this.