Durateston 250mgs or 500mgs?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Pesado, May 9, 2008.

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    Pesado Junior Member

    Hi everybody,
    Im brazilian, and have been lifting weights since the age of 17. Today i'm 29 weghting 82kgs, measuring 1.71m, whith 14% bodyfat. I've decided to start my first cicle with durateston (brazilian name for yours sustanon) and deca-durabolin. Here "real" deca is very expensive (u$:15 each 50 mgs amp)so i will use on the hole cycle only 600mgs. But durateston is very cheap (u$: 4 each 250mgs amp) so i have 16 amps on my hands. the cicle i'm planing is like this:
    1-8 500mgs durateston
    1-6 100mgs nandrolone decanoate
    Folowed by the serms pct protocol.
    But i'm facing a very simple question: isn't 500 mgs too much test for a first cycle? i have some friends telling me there's too much, and others telling thats not! i've read here on meso-rx about guys doing 250mgs weekly (10 weeks) having excelent results (20lbs). what dou you, american bodybuilders, think about my test dosage?

    ps: sorry for my poor english.
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    dennis Member

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    Nemesis RR

    Nemesis RR Member

    250 is more than enough. I grew like a weed and had an uncontrollable sex drive at 200.
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    BILLYGRINGO Junior Member


    250-500 MGS A WEEK MINIMUM


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    Pesado Junior Member

    in portuguese we say :"EU GOSTO DE DURATESTON" and not "mi gusta durateston" wich is probably the we to say "i like durateston" in spanish. By the way it is really an awesome drug !and i'm planing to take 1 amp of durateston(250 mgs) + 1 amp of deca(50 mgs) every five days.
    I know it's not enough deca but my source got busted yesterday! and i don't have another one.
    So i'll do this small dosage just to relive the pain of durateston injections. I'm very anxious to start my cicle but i'm working hard to put my body fat down. i'm 14%bf and when i reach 12% i'll start the cicle. thank you dennis for the info! keep posting on your thread it's really intresting.
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    HDH Member

    Save the Deca for a later cycle. No sense in throwing good money away ;)

    The Test by itself will give you what you are looking for.

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    jasthace Member

    I agree
    Forget the deca,with only 100mg a week the results/effect {if any} will not be worth the $$$.

    500 mg a week of the durateston should see good results with little to no sides.
    I've also had results off of one amp of sustonon a week,but if you are going to do a cycle you're better of with the slightly higher dose of 500mg.
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    dennis Member

    take our advice..save deca for another day......I say you do 500 mgs weeks 1-2 of the duratest and then back down to 250 mgs for the next 10 weeks.tell us how the source got busted and what the laws are there regarding steroid use and distribution.
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    Pesado Junior Member

    I've decided to save the deca as you all said. But i don't want to to front load it, so i decided to do just like you dennis. I'll use it 250mgs (1 amp) every five days for twelve weeks folwed by the serms pct protocol. what do you think of it?
    Here in brazil aas are ilegal like in the U.S. But we are a poor country with ignorant people and the worst is that most people in my country work the hole month to earn the exact amount of 200 dollars. So if you have money is very easy to corrupt people in the drugstores, and for the right amout of money you can buy anything you want. The problem is that nowadays anabolic steroids are in the media with all that olympics bullshit (one of our best female swimmers was catch in her anti-doping test). due to this fact the police is working hard to bust every source of gear. So my source was busted, he is a very nice guy who trains hard, work every day and sells aas to make some extra money. i'm very worried about him, but he acepted the risks and now, unless he have some good money to pay the cops, he's going to spend some time behind bars. : (
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    I agree with HDH.

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